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Fan Vids

I'm lazy, I'll say that first. And these have been on my hard drive for like...ever... And then, I get around to posting them online and then...I just now get to sharing them with ya'll!

Love Remains
A/N: This was started at the request of a friend Erica, who loved this song. And so did I when she showed it to me. It was finished right before COE I think...and I didn't actually give it to her, or watch it until post COE. And...my heart crumbled. So now I'm going to re-do it when I get COE/Bare to watch it long enough to splice clips *sniffles*
NO Spoilers Just season 1 and 2
Which can be seen here

Never Too Late
A/N: This is a super old vid made right at the end of the second season. I fiddled with it because I wasn't sure what version I liked. There are tons on my hardrive. But this is the only one I like enough to post.
Can be seen here

This is way old! No spoilers. None that I can see. But just a cute little fuzzy feel good movie to brighten the day.

Again click here

So I've got a couple of Cher ones, a few Spanish ones and a Class project WWII doc that uses TW clips! That I may or will post here soon. But for now, there they are.

As always, comments, are love!

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