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The Gulls

Title: The Gulls
Author: paragraphs
Prompt: The Birds (movie version, directed by Alfred Hitchcock)
Pairings: Ianto/Jack
Wordcount: 17,398
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence in the form of bird attacks, but no gore as in The Birds
Summary/Spoilers: Jack didn't get to say a proper goodbye to Ianto, so decides to go back in time to do just that. Unfortunately, his presence where he doesn't belong causes a wee bit of trouble--especially for a younger Ianto Jones. Post-CoE, sort-of.
A/N #1: written for reel_torchwood
A/N #2: Much love and appreciation to blue_fjords for the beta and support. You got me through this, writing my first official Torchwood fic. Thank you, Blue! A special dedication is in order to all my Twitter Peeps for your encouragement, advice, and general hilarity throughout the writing of this fic. You all made the very solo act of writing anything but a lonely task. Torchwood and The Birds belong to Russell T. Davies and Alfred Hitchcock respectively. I am not claiming them as my own.

Follow this link to The Gulls

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