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The Doctor's Gift

Title: The Doctor's Gift
Rating: PG
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Alonso, others mentioned.
Genre: Fluff - End of time fix-it
Spoilers: Dr Who End of Time
Disclaimer: All characters remain the property of the BBC and RTD, no money is being made from this.
Beta: The brilliant, creative and very patient frakkin_addict.
Summary: The Doctor's note lead Jack to Alonso, but what happened after that - warning, I remain a dedicated Janto fanatic, so this probably isn't where RTD is going to go with it!

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He couldn't believe it... he blinked and yet the man was still there when his eyes opened - the Doctor. He gestured towards the note and then after Jack read it, he nodded to Jack's left. Jack followed the direction of his nod, where his eye caught a young, blue eyed, brown haired man... He turned away, glancing at the Doctor with discomfort. He just gave a little salute, which Jack returned, before he walked away.

Jack's mind buzzed with thoughts, wondering how the Doctor had found him and what he wanted from him. But he decided to take a leap of faith and with his heart tugging for a second, he began;

"So Alonso.... going my way?"

Although he hadn't flirted in a long time and his heart wasn't really in it, he was amazed at how quickly he could slip back into flirtation mode, as instinctive to him as breathing.


Later that evening, he stood and looked at the stars before a little snuffling noise made him turn. Alonso was asleep in his bed, satiated and exhausted after the night they'd spent together. Jack smiled; he was cute and Jack had delighted in introducing him to new pleasures, already knowing after their conversation that he had an open, almost childlike capacity for enjoyment. It was wonderful to witness for someone as long-living and jaded as Jack. But it also put him in mind of another blue-eyed, brown-haired man who had demonstrated an unbelievable capacity for savouring the small things in life, even after life had dealt him some awful blows. His heart clenched as the memories and emotions rushed back but he trusted his friend and if the Doctor was pushing him out of his grief and towards this man, then Jack was powerless to resist.


Twelve months later, Jack was ever grateful for Alonso's perspective on life as he felt it was the only thing keeping him sane. Alonso had loved Jack's stories of life in the past, especially those of 20th and 21st Century Earth and when Martha had contacted Jack, via the Doctor, with a message from Gwen, Alonso had persuaded him to go back. In the time they'd been together, they hadn't properly settled anywhere and while it'd been fun travelling and staying with Alonso's mad scientist uncle and somewhat less fun staying with his straight-laced sister, he knew Alonso was craving some stability.

He knew it'd be hard to go back to a place where everything would trigger memories of Ianto, but he had been reminded of Ianto in places Ianto couldn't have even imagined so he might as well try to move on and he knew it would make Alonso happy. Anyway, he told himself, the memory of the peace he'd found with Ianto would outweigh the pain of losing him.

It worked to a degree; it was nice being out in the field again and the fact that they weren't in the original Hub helped, but it was still hard. He was sick of the calls from UNIT, the cabinet, the Prime Minister, the Queen and increasingly the Prince too etc, etc, etc. He was tired of trying to adjust to the vastly expanded team. They ran things on a much more formal basis and obviously only trusted Jack because of Gwen's total faith in him. He was fed up of Gwen prodding him about how he was feeling being back, where he'd gone to, what he'd done and what was happening with Alonso, who had joined the team as well and seemed to have settled much better than Jack.

Really, it was Alonso's faith in him, his sense of honour, his unshakable conviction that the work they were doing was right and his and Gwen's happiness at having Jack at Torchwood that stopped him from leaving again.

Still, while Alonso was a sweet guy, a really great guy in fact, Jack just felt something was missing - he lacked Ianto's intuition for what Jack was feeling, the coffee which appeared as if by magic just when Jack most needed it; the gentle touch on his arm or shoulder when Jack had to be "The Captain" but was doubting himself, the way he took command on nights when Jack just needed to let go of the responsibility he held every day.

Alonso and Ianto shared an absolute belief in Jack, but Ianto had looked into Jack's eyes when he had held a gun to his head; Ianto had seen the cruelty and ruthlessness that existed inside him and certainly hadn't put Jack on any sort of pedestal. And yet he'd seen the man Jack wanted to be too and he inspired Jack to be a better man.

Jack missed him so much, that gorgeous body in those well-cut suits, those beautiful blue eyes, the deep voice with it's rolling vowels, the humour, the rolling eyes and pointed comments that Ianto had given him, as well as the inventive punishments he'd devised for transgressions! Most of all he missed the quiet moments where he could sit and just be with Ianto, so in tune to each other that words became redundant; the quiet silences that spoke of their compatibility.


A further six months on and Jack was on his way into Torchwood. He'd left a month earlier, once his relationship with Alonso had faltered. With nothing motivating him to keep working there, he'd finally made the decision to leave. Gwen had been hurt, but he knew she didn't need him there anymore and he'd promised to keep in touch better than last time. The previous evening he'd packed all his belongings; his clothes and coat and more importantly his precious photos of those he'd loved and lost; Ianto's diary and hairbrush; a book of poetry and the cufflinks his wife had given him long ago; pictures Stephen and Alice had done as children and a few other mementos from lovers and good friends like Estelle, Alonso, Rose and Gwen. But then he'd received a phone call from a grief-stricken Alonso who brokenly shared that he'd received word from his own time that his mother had died. Jack held him all night and when he begged Jack to bring him back to his home to say his good-byes, he found he couldn't deny him this final request.


Amid promises to bring Alonso back and to keep in contact this time, he pried himself from Gwen's arms as he and Alonso made their way to the pick-up point.

Alonso thanked him and Jack promised to always be there for him. He was truly fond of the young man and maybe if things had been a bit different, they'd have been spectacular together. But he knew as it was, he didn't love him enough for a lifetime and it was more unselfish to let him go now than to make him unhappy further down the line.


He stood in the room as Alonso spoke with his family. He turned at a touch to his back and found Alonso's uncle Pablo next to him. They greeted each other warmly and Jack enquired about Pablo's work. When they had lived with him, Jack had been fascinated by the man's brain and energy as he put him in mind of the Doctor. Pablo had been equally fascinated at some of the gadgets Jack had come across - Jack saving his life more than once from some of the alien objects he'd found and tried to dissect!

Pablo was always very animated speaking about his work, but he was now bouncing on his heels in excitement as he confided to Jack that he had finally made a break-through.

He pulled Jack to one side and whispered conspiringly in hushed tones, trusting Jack implicitly. He had discovered that the entirety of a human's memories are stored on each individual strand of DNA. He called it, “our souls.” He spoke of the real temptation to use it with cloning technology, where a clone could now be created with full memories, rather than the clone having to learn to walk and talk all over again before rediscovering the person that they had been.

The issue, as Jack knew well, was that although the science of cloning was relatively easy, cloning had been outlawed the previous century following the Shadow Proclamation's discovery that clones were being mass produced as slave labour; being trained to do menial and debasing jobs and nothing more. It was now punishable by death to even dabble with it.

Pablo told Jack how he'd begged Alonso's mother to let him use it on her, he knew he could have cloned her easily, but she made him promise not to. Now he was torn; he woefully lamented that he would never get to use the science and the world would never know what he'd done, but equally he fretted about the ramifications to the stability of life and death should his work become known; and about the danger of the science falling into the wrong hands.

Jack could only half listen as the implications of Pablo's discovery sank in. He thought of the DNA contained in the strands of hair tucked away safely on Ianto's hairbrush and how he, with a little guidance from Pablo, could satisfy Pablo's need to see his life's work be of value and yet keep it secret and protected from unscrupulous hands.

As he thought back to that night, when the Doctor had walked into that bar and had given him that gift, the first truly genuine smile in so many, many years spread slowly across his face…


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