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Ianto had seen this before...

Title: Ianto had seen this before...
Rating: NC17- BDSM warning
Genre: Smut
Summary:Im new- be gentle :P This is my first Jack/ Ianto fic and its basically superluous porn- yeey :D


Ianto had seen this done before. Seen it standing in the front row in a dark club; the air stained with anticipation and sweat. Stood and watched in pants bought just for this, already uncomfortably sticky, shaking with need. Ianto had seen it done although he’d never tried it himself. The smell was the same; leather and men and sex and hot, hot heat- like the air was spiced. He had been surprised when Jack had brought it up, although after hearing some of Jacks stories he really shouldn’t have been.

He had seen this before, but it had never been quite like this. The red welts that rose to the surface of Jacks toned back as the leather kissed his skin. Different. The skin marked fiery red only to slowly fade again. Leaving a once again blank canvas that Ianto was all too ready to colour. Jacks back glistened with sweat, it danced down his spine, drawing Ianto’s eye tantalisingly closer to the gentle curve of his buttocks. As Ianto pushed Jack’s hips into the table, nipping at his strong neck and shoulders; he could feel the man’s thighs quiver, hear the strangled groan as Jack’s dripping erection rubbed against the rough leather top of the desk. He reached down to stroke Jack and gasped at the sobbing whimper that vibrated in the man’s throat- it sounded so alien in comparison to the deep throaty grunts that had erupted as he had brought the whip down, the low moans as he had licked the raw marks with his just-too-hot tongue.

Ianto had seen this before. Heard the begging but nothing in the world could prepare him for Jack, his voice gravely and strained from moaning, begging for his dick, begging to be fucked. Ianto unrolled the condom with quivering hands, sure he wouldn't last more than a minute but not caring. He pushed in slowly, silently thanking himself for preparing Jack before they had started. Jack came first, the slow, languid thrusts coming to rest against his prostate each time- torturing him, making him gasp and writhe until Ianto increased the pressure against the sensitive gland and he finally, finally came. Jack felt the tears on his cheeks as he came, the exquisite pleasure-pain mixture becoming too much- he was sure he blacked out, floating on a dizzy, warm cloud of not-quite consciousness.

Ianto had seen this before, but he’d never tried it. He’d never known the feeling of the whip warmed skin rubbing against his nipples as he thrust into the body bellow him. He’d never felt the power, stronger than any orgasm, of causing another person to writhe and beg and feel only you, unaware of anything else. Nothing except you and him- your dick in his ass. And it smelt of leather and men and sex and hot, hot heat- like the air was spiced. And Jack.



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