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Jack Get’s His Loved One Back 4&5/?

Jack Get’s His Loved One Back 4&5/?

Author: Epitaphwolfce


Rating: PG now, later on 18+

Summary: Jack Goes With The Doctor To Get Back His Beloved Ianto.

Characters and Pairings : Jack, Doctor, Ianto ,Gwen and Rhys; Jack/Ianto Mainly Dealing With Them And A OC I Made Up

Spoilers/ Warnings: Set after COE, so not really any spoilers

Note Form Me: Oh yes im srry for the wait.Well I'm back again i hope you all enjoy the next part of the story.  An i know im going to have a few people who are not going to like but to be frank i dont care i just felt like writing this for other and myself. So Plz enjoy and wait to see a new twist that is to come in my story.  

P.S. 2631[Ch4], 2963[Ch5]




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