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Fic: The Oncoming Storm (Slash, AU, Janto Betaed+Complete)


This might be a familiar fic for many of you. I posted the fic here back then but it wasn't completely betaed or cleaned up. At last, it is done (my fault, coding took forever) and I have posted the completely betaed fic and humbly posting its link here. Please forgive the deja vu:

TITLE: Torchwood: The Oncoming Storm
AUTHOR: d8rkmessngr
PAIRING: Jack/OMC, Jack/?, het and slash. Eventually ends as Jack/Ianto
RATING: NC-17 (betaed by snakeling and soullessminion)
STATUS: Complete, over 1000 pgs, 40 chapters plus epilogue
WARNINGS: Please read each chapter's individual warnings. Some parts down the road may briefly mention non-con, abuse, and/or violence. Dark in the beginning. Please note there are some dark thoughts as my boys are broken…for now. Each chapter will be labeled for your convenience.
NOTES: Please note this is an AU that will cross over DW to TW season one. I'm probably spoiling my own story, but it will eventually be Janto. There's a bit of a journey first.

SUMMARY: He left Jack on the game station. Abandoned. But then…he came back…different. An AU look on what happens if things happened differently. Doctor Who 'verse with Torchwood later on. Be sure to read the warnings.
Tags: fanfic:nc-17, fanfic:series

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