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First Time posting a Fic

Title: Torchwood: Australia (1/??)

Author: Immy54

Pairings/Characters: Past Ianto/Jack, Ianto/OC, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/OC, Owen, OCs

Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or its characters; they belong to RTD and the BBC. If I did the calamity that was series 3 would never have been written and Jack and Ianto would live forever in a cottage by the sea … and Tosh and Owen would be married with babies. So there. All the OCs are mine, all mine.

Spoilers: AU. Set post COE. Spoilers for series 1-3 of Torchwood and 1-4 of Doctor Who.

Rating/Warning: PG maybe 15. Thrace Warning of at least level 3 for the whole thing.

Summary: It’s been 18 years since Jack came back from the Valiant and The Year That Never Was; 18 years since Ianto took Retcon and started his new life; and now a vicious new enemy has arrived, hell bent on enslaving the human race and the destruction of the Earth – and only an innocuous piece of tech buried beneath Alice Springs in the archives of Torchwood Australia can save them.


AN: This is un-beta’d so I apologise for any mistakes

AN2: This fic is not planned out as it usually takes me ages to write it if I plan anything beyond They do this, that happens, they do the other thing, The End. So bear with me.


Torchwood: Australia (1/??)

Tags: fanfic:pg-13, fanfic:series

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