Dear darlin’, please excuse my writings (lovin_torture) wrote in jackxianto,
Dear darlin’, please excuse my writings

Silent Night

Title: Silent Night
Author: lovin_torture
Rating: R
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
POV: 3rd
Summary: Jack lets Ianto in on a ritual that he usually kept to himself...but he soon ends partaking in another that lets him see the more human side of his lover.
Warnings: Technically spoilers for season one and possibly CoE for some information....with maybe a little OCness.
Disclaimer: The whole concept of Torchwood © the awesomeness that is RTD and the BBC, don’t sue because the contents of my bank account is only worth about a third of the amount in European currency. Plot mostly based on fiction…i.e not real….but a girl can wish <3
Author Notes: Set in Season one before Abaddon, written for slythrngodss for mistletw who requested Evening/Night church service and meeting the family. Hope it fits close to what you were thinking of. Beta'd by the awesome badly_knitted :)

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