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A Torchwood Knight

Written for the reel_torchwood fic challenge

Title - A Torchwood Knight.
Author – xennie_b
Prompt - A Knight's Tale
Characters/pairing(s) - Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy/Kathy, Rhiannon/Johnny, Billis, John Hart, Gray.
Rating - High PG low M
Word count - 31,532
Warnings - None really
Spoilers - Torchwood characters and relationships. A Knight's Tale storyline.
Disclaimer - Neither "Torchwood" nor "A Knight's Tale" belong to me. I am making no money from this fic I am only borrowing the character and concepts for fun.
Summary - In medieval times a sport arose, embraced by noble and peasant fans alike, though only noble knights could compete. The sport was jousting. For one of these knights, an over-the-hill former champion, it was the end. But for his peasant squire, Jack; it was merely the beginning.

Author's Notes - Big Thanks to madaboutms and zen_raven who jumped in as emergency betas.

Fic can be found here.

Tags: fanfic, fanfic:pg-13

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