shelbynm (shelbynm) wrote in jackxianto,

looking for a TW fic

A while back a started reading a fic, I don’t remember the name, who it was by, none of that.

The only thing that I can remember about it was Rhiannon did not like or trust Jack, having found out about him and Ianto. On one of the chapters she was following him through the plaza and stepped on the stone slap and it let her into the Hub. Later after talking to her Jack and Ianto were taking here back home when a spacecraft showed up. I don’t remember all of it but Ianto got shoot, the SUV got destroyed, and Jack had to carry Ianto back to the Hub. Rhi watched as Jack treated Ianto injuries. Later she said she had to go to the toilet and when she came back she saw the two guys setting at the couch being all loving towards one another. But when she made he presents known they had shifted from one another.

I know that is not much to go on but that is all I can be sure that I remember from the fic.

If any of you know the story that I am talking about could you please help me out I remember I really enjoyed it, but I don’t remember if I finished it or not.


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