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Welsh Translation

Well, I don't know if this is the right place to post this , but  the problem I have encountered is related to a new Jack/Ianto story I am writing. So, the thing is, I need a English to Welsh translation for part of my story (not just a couple words, entire sentences). I tried used a online-translator but when I used it to translate it back to English (to check), it was entirely different. Then, I tried doing it word by word but I'm still not sure about the order (sentence structure) and so on. So, I was wondering if someone (who is pretty fluent in Welsh) wouldn't mind helping me (please take in mind that if you can, I would like to have someone help me with the pronunciation. The reason for that is the fact that what I want to translate is a poem--that I wrote--and I would like to know how it sounds outloud in Welsh). Finally, if you are willing to help but are confused then please feel free to PM me or add a comment.


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