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Song Lyrics

As much as I detest the events of CoE and the last two eps of Ten I found this song that sadly suits Jack or the parts in bold of it at any rate. It's taken me this long to start talking about CoE so just ignore me since I'm sure you've all already got over it *smiles miserably*

I loved this song right up until I realised that it suited Jack when the Doctor gave Alonso to him and now it just makes me cry which most people find odd since it's far from a ballad and more night club.

well you came and said your goodbyes
and I'm sitting here thinking
with a smile I'm dying inside
but I know I'll be just fine
I saw love not lies
but I could be mistaken
Now you've gone and I dry my eyes
And I'm here for the taking tonight
Feel the need for somebody tonight
I could love you forever tonight

'Cause you're just the thing that I need
just to fill the space he left here
just give me all the love that I need
for a night that's enough for a broken heart

I'm surrounded by faces and smiles
is it you who I'm seeking tonight
maybe now or maybe a while
but I'll know it when it's right
I see love in your eyes
but I could be mistaken
I see love in your smile
is it you who I'll be taking tonight
feel the need for somebody tonight
I could love you forever tonight


Time will pass and change the way I feel
Take away the scars and begin to heal
Well I'm waiting, I'm waiting
You're the one in my hour of need
It's not forever it's all about speed
Well I'll take it, I'll fake it for real

Mostly the start doesn't apply since Ianto didn't leave Jack willingly but the rest . . .

On the off chance you feel like listening to it. The vid isn't very exciting at all. It's more about the lyrics

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