dawniekins18 (dawniekins18) wrote in jackxianto,

Torchwood Fic: Rebecca part 5/5

Fandom: Torchwood/ little Doctor Who now and later
Rating: R
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/ Rhys, OFC, Tenth Doctor
Summary: Many people go back and forth through the rift, but only a few of them have an effect on the Torchwood team.

Link: http://dawniekins18.livejournal.com/3817.html#cutid1

Previous Parts:

1/5: http://dawniekins18.livejournal.com/1483.html#cutid1
2/5: http://dawniekins18.livejournal.com/1850.html#cutid1
3/5: http://dawniekins18.livejournal.com/2212.html#cutid1
4/5: http://dawniekins18.livejournal.com/2665.html#cutid2

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