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Title: Comment!ficlets
Description: a compilation of comment!fic I wrote lately
Genre: crack, smut, fluff and angst
Rating: everything from G to NC-17
Warnings: none really
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Neither Torchwood, nor Doctor Who or Merlin belong to me but the BBC, I'm just borrowing.
Author's notes: In this compilation: 10 comment!drabbles from a drabble!meme on my journal and two reworked comment!porn ficlets written for the Doctor  Who/Torchwood Porn Battle hosted by 51stcenturyfox and cruentum. The subsequent prompts are in the brackets behind the titles. Enjoy :3

1. Minor Telepathy(NC-17;Jack/Ianto; Telepathy,Plass,Toys)
2. Need a Ride? (PG-13;Jack/Ianto; New Car)
3. Avant Garde(PG-13; Jack/Ianto; 'What the hell is that?')
4. Signs of Possession (PG-13;Jack/Ianto; possessive!Jack, marking)
5. Floating (PG-13; Jack/Ianto; naked,happy and drunken Ianto in a pool)
6. Cross (PG-13;Jack/Ianto; Jack trying to kiss his way out of trouble)
7.Unlikely Companionship (G; Rhys,Tosh)

8. Hustle, Slave, Hustle (Ianto,Tosh, hats)

9. Territorial (G;Owen, Ianto, Ianto's first day)
10. So Much For Breakfast (PG-13;Owen, Donna and mentions of the 10th Doctor)
11. In The Spur of a Moment (NC-17;Jack/9th Doctor, Telepathy)
12. Sadist Idiot(hard R; Merlin/Arthur, pleasure enhancing spell)
Tags: fanfic

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