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Valentine's Day Casimir Effect fundraiser

Valentine's Day Casimir Effect fundraiser

What better way to celebrate this Valentine's Day than showing your love and support for Gareth David-Lloyd.

In March, Gareth will start filming the new short film Casimir Effect, of which he is also the producer. The film is being independently funded and many of you would have seen various fundraising efforts going on across LJ and Twitter. The film's website can be found here http://www.casimireffectfilm.com/

We think helping Gareth to raise funds for this project would be a perfect way to show him this Valentine's Day how much his fans and the LJ community admire and respect him as an actor, and how we will willingly support him, whatever he chooses to do in his career.

The fundraiser, which is being organised by a group of Gareth and Ianto fans with the knowledge of Casimir Effect producers, will run from 7-14 Feb. All funds raised will go directly towards production of Casimir Effect.


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