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Title: Valentine's day adventures
Author: Eyecandy/Firstimelady
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2925
Pairings: Jack/Ianto and a bit of Master/Doctor.
Characters: Jack, Ianto, the 10th Doctor, Gwen and Master.
Warnings: VERY explicit sex ;)
Genre: ONESHOT - Romantic, humour...
Summary: Valentine's gifts, valentine's decisions...
Note: Once again, sorry for the misspellings, I'm Spanish, and of course I'm not perfect.

"Jack? " There was a long pause.

"Jack?" Still there is silence.

"Where are you Jack?"

Jack didn't answered immediately; he was feeling very tired and bored with all the life on the Earth. It just wasn't the same, always a reminder of Ianto, and all his friends. Gwen couldn't stay too much at the Hub because she was taking care of her newborn son. He tried to go and visit Alice, but she shouted at him, slapping him as she kicked him out of the house. He really wanted something to happen in his life for he felt so alone all this time. He failed to keep going as he always did. All his mistakes were just too painful.


"What?" Asked Jack looking at Gwen with a frown. "I told you that I don't want to go. Honestly, what you think I can do tagging along with Rhys and you? This is St. Valentines Day! You want me to take care of Edward while so you two can go off and snog like teenagers?" He asked making Gwen frowned." I'm better off here."

"I didn't wanted you to take care of Edward while I'm..." But Jack didn't let her finish her sentence.

"Sorry lately I don't like threesomes. Or any one for that matter." He said with a sigh. "Maybe you Gwen but... Rhys, well…" He chuckled. "He's not my type. Trust me when I say that I've dated the some of strangest of people. I remember one that has a small..."

"Jack!" This time it was Gwen who cut into Jack's words. "I just don't want you to be alone." She explained. "I know that, well, the last two years you've spent the St. Valentines day with Ianto and..." She found it hard to complete her thought

"Yeah but Ianto is gone". Said Jack a little rough. "And my plan for tonight is to get drunk and sing all alone until I pass out at my desk!" He smiled.

"Oh what a great plan!" She shouted at him sarcastically, rolling her I eyes to the ceiling.
"Bah humbug to you Scrooge." She stuck her tongue out at him.

Jack stood up. Freeing his shirt from his trousers, he walked down the stairs. Gwen was so tired of trying to cheer up him that it made her frustrated that she had no results. She knew that Jack wasn't going to change his mind, so she just walked out of the Hub, ready to spend her Valentines night with Rhys and the baby. Rhys was cooking tonight and Rhys was at his best in the kitchen so she expected something very good to dinner.

"What a good plan". Using a cute and annoying voice, Jack joked as he imitating Gwen.

Indeed he took a bottle of good Welsh whisky and took a seat in the chair that was at the front his desk, with a small sigh he filled the glass with the amber liquid, and emptied it with just one swallow. He did the same once again, filling the glass and emptying it in one swallow, and again, and again. Until at one point he tried to fill the glass but he only managed to dampen the table. With a sigh he looked at his glass annoyed. The bottle was pushed off his desk falling to the ground and smashing.

"You kidding me?" He asked looking to the glass, with his eyes half closed and murmuring curses against the glass that was empty. "Damn you..."

"Oh my god... What's that smell?"

A silly voice echoed through his surrounding. Jack heard footsteps in the distance. As he looked up, he tried to stand but he bumped into the desk. He couldn't help the small giggle as it escaped from his lips. "Bad desk..."

"Good job Captain". Teased the voice that belonged to a thin but tall man. He walked trough the room looking around and smiling softly watching some papers on the desk. He frowned softly when he noticed the different pieces of newspaper about the last event on the earth. "I prefer the Cardiff Hub".

"Yeah but is gone, the fucking Hub... The fucking..." But he slipped and fell to the ground.

"What optimism." Chuckled the thin man.

"Oh yeah optimism, how can you look me in the eye and pretend to have fucking optimism?" Snapped Jack looking at the man who was standing smiling at him. It was not a happy smile. "Where the hell were you while everyone was dying?" Asked Jack trying to stand up.

"I'm sorry Jack, I..." He apologized with a small sigh. "Okay, I deserve this, you needed me and I wasn't there to help you". He admitted.

"Yeah that's the point Doctor".

"But I may have something for you." Said the Doctor looking at Jack, and then he smiled softly. "I know you've lost a lot."

"I've lost everything."

The Doctor sighed once again. "Yeah." He nodded. "That's why I'm going to give you a chance... One last chance, Jack you know that I can't interfere with a personal time-line for someone, but you helped me on numerable occasions and I want to give you something back". He explained smiling softly. "I don't know how much time I have left but this will be my gift for you".

Jack was confused, between the fact he was drunk and sometimes didn't understand what the Doctor meant. "What exactly do you mean by you don't know how much time you have left?" Asked Jack.

The Doctor didn't answer. He just smiled so enigmatic and walked towards his Tardis that was standing in the middle of the Hub. He opened the door and walked inside closing the door behind him. After a few minutes he walked down and a young man was following him, that young man was wearing a suit, a very nice suit, pink shirt and blue tie, blue eyes, short hair and pale skin.

"What are we doing here?" Asked the young man.

"You recognize the place, don't you?" Asked the Doctor. "You had been here a few hours ago with Gwen and Jack, Ianto." Said the Doctor smiling.

" You don't think I'm idiot. I'm not in my time." Replied Ianto. "Jack has told me a lot about the Tardis and..."

"Ianto!" Called Jack and Ianto looked up. "IANTO!" Jack ran towards the Welshman, smiling with a small blush on his cheeks, the type of blush that comes from drinking. "My IANTO!"-

Ianto looked at him confused and the Jack hugged him, cuddling him and smiling like a kid having his Christmas presents. Ianto looked at the Doctor making the Time Lord smile softly with a shrugged. Ianto grinned back as he looked down at Jack as he was rubbed his nose into Ianto's chest.

"You are drunk." Said Ianto looking at Jack and giggled. "And you are such a child when you are drunk". He reminded and laughed warmly.

The Doctor smiled softly watching them and then looked at Ianto. The Welshman had placed Jack on the sofa so he could rest awaiting the drunkenness to disappear. Ianto was sitting next to Jack and then he looked up to the Doctor.

"You know how much time you have." Said the Doctor. "And that I can't do nothing more, this is a chance for you two to say goodbye."

Ianto nodded slowly and looked at Jack who was resting on the sofa. The Doctor walked towards his Tardis and then with the grating sound. It disappeared from the new Hub. Ianto sighed softly. He had talked with the Doctor, this man just appeared in the middle of the street and dragged him inside the Tardis, telling him that he was going to die, and that he just has on more day to be with Jack, one more day and one more night.

He obviously accepted to fight against the time and be with Jack that last night, but not in the same time. They had to go to the future where Ianto already was dead.

Ianto knew that he just has that night, to say goodbye, not just a kiss but a total and final goodbye as lovers do in death.

"Oh you finally woke up." Ianto smile softly watching him with a cup of coffee in his hand. On his lap he had a magazine that he was reading until he noticed that Jack had woken up.

Jack straightened up as he sat on the sofa watching Ianto. "Yeah... with a headache." Ianto smiled softly leaving the magazine on a table, with the cup of coffee.

"Consequences of get drunk." Ianto grinned, and Jack looked up at him.

The Welshman stood up and serving a glass of water he handed it to Jack. Jack stood up standing in front of Ianto and accepted the glass of water and looked at him, still don't believing that he was in front of him. After taking a sip, Jack put down the glass and stared into Ianto's eyes. Ianto smiled at Jack, as he always did and finally the Captain stroked Ianto's cheek.

"You are real." Mumbled Jack.

"Yes." Ianto nodded.

But how can you...?"

"The Doctor appeared in the middle of the street, I was looking for Gwen after the Hub explosion, and hiding from the government's agents. He just appeared and dragged me inside the Tardis". Ianto sighed and scratched his cheek with his finger. Jack looked at Ianto and his adorable gesture.

"Typical of the Doctor, doing things without explanation." Jack chuckled and looked at Ianto. He stopped for a moment to think. He knew that he couldn't intervene with history but this time he wanted to. "Ianto I have to tell you something..."

"No Jack... You..." Replied Ianto.

"Ianto listen to me." Insisted Jack before loosing his nerves.

"But Jack you know that you can't..."

Jack cut his words. "I have to tell you this, you have to know..."

"I know it Jack!" Beamed Ianto suddenly. "The Doctor told me why I'm here." He explained. "He told me that I'm going to die and se he's giving us one last night. Okay?" Ianto stroked Jack's cheek.

"So then now you can save yourself Ianto." Insisted Jack.

"I can't... I shouldn't." Whispered Ianto. "And you know it..."

Jack looked at Ianto. Looking down for a few seconds before he took Ianto's head and kiss him passionately. Opening his mouth with his own tongue and biting his lips slowly Ianto was surprised but he instantly kissed Jack back. Moving his lips and his tongue, exploring Jack's mouth, and wrapped his arms around Jack, he could feel that strong hand taking him and pushing him against the wall. Their gazes crossed each other and they panted into each other mouth.

"I still can bring you into my arms." Panted Jack smiled as he pulled Ianto's legs around his waist.

Ianto grinned. "I'm not that fat". Replied Ianto.

Jack grinned. "Don't worry. You up for naked gymnastics?" Ianto giggled at Jack. It quickly turned in to a small moan while Jack was biting his neck, leaving small marks. Jack kept licking his throat and biting his chin making Ianto panted and moaned softly as his squeezed his fingers bruising Jack's back.

Jack loved when Ianto moan with pleasure, when he almost is breathless because of his touch. Hearing his name escaping from Ianto's lip with his voice filled with pleasure turned Jack on like clockwork.

"Harder Jack." Moaned Ianto. "I like it harder." Jack moaned hiding his face in Ianto's neck. He pushed Ianto against the wall once again. When he felt that Ianto was sliding from his arms, He began to rapidly unzip Ianto's belt, removing his trousers and his underclothes, Jack smacked the soft firm bum of Ianto and smirked. Ianto jumped in surprise and looked at Jack, who was unzipping his own trousers. Taking out his big and throbbing member he wrapped one of Ianto's legs around his waist as he pressed it against Ianto's hole. He pushed his cock to the Welshman entrance. Ianto breathed rapidly looking at his Captain. Jack slowly started to penetrate his cock into Ianto. Make him feel the centimeters enter inside him, finally Jack thrust inside Ianto, and a moan escaped from Ianto's lips.

It felt... Oh god, Jack hadn't words to describe how good it felt to be inside Ianto. Tight, moist from pre come and hot, could be probably the most accurate words. Jack panted as he pulled his hand next to Ianto's head. While he was holding Ianto by his buttock and thigh with the other hand he thrusting inside Ianto quickly and deeply making Ianto moan with pleasure. Ianto jumping on Jack's lap his back sliding up and down on the wall groaned. Pressing the back of his head against wall, Ianto's back formed a perfect arch bring such pleasure Jack's name escaped his lips with deep moan.

Their moans and pleasurable screams filled the Hub. Jack growled thrusting even harder into Ianto. They kissed passionately Jack biting Ianto's lips and tongue. Smiling lustfully, their bodies dripped with sweat, and their shirts sticky because of it. Ianto grabbed and tugged at Jack's hair, that was wet too while he licked at Jack's throat tasting his sweat. Their tongues started to fight again even out of their mouths.

Jack opened Ianto's shirt with a rip and the buttons fell to the ground spreading to different places as Jack licked the centre of Ianto's chest tasting him. Biting his nipples leaving small marks on his bare skin, Jack took Ianto's cock between his finger masturbate him by pressing his thumb on the head of Ianto's member. He could feel the hot and transparent liquid stain his hand.

A viscous sound was still filling the room as Jack still was thrusting hard inside Ianto. Pressing his cock's head into his lover's prostate, Ianto was dying from of the pleasure. "I can't Jack... I can't!" He screamed closing his eyes and pressing his head against the wall once again.

He squeezed Jack's member within his muscle walls while his own cock exploded in an ecstasy of pleasure and moans. Ejaculating Jack moaned and growled as Ianto's anus squeezed him causing to bite the Welshman's lower lip. Closing his eyes he finally came inside Ianto, their bodies trembled from the spread of their orgasm.


Between white sheets on the floor the two men hugged tightly. They had a lot of goodbyes in the past four hours. Ianto smiled and Jack kissed his shoulder. Ianto looked at him from the corner of his eye as Jack smiled back. Moving his body he leaned on his side face to face with Jack.

"Be honest." Ianto spoke. "You are going to miss me?"

"I'm missing you, we are in the future." Replied Jack smiling softly and looking into Ianto's eyes. "I told you that you're more than just a moment in time."

"Yeah but I like when you tell me those kinds of things." Ianto grinned.

Jack laughed and stroked Ianto's neck with his nose leaving small kisses and bites. "Silly Billy..." Jack grinned and looked up at him. "Although I didn't told you in the precise moment... you know that..."

-"I know what?" Asked Ianto smiling.

-"Ianto don't do this to me." Grinned Jack.

"I'm not doing anything. Honestly I don't know what are you talking about." Ianto laughed with a mischievous smile on his lips.

Jack frowned and blushed slightly. "Oh you are a liar!" Jack turned his back to Ianto as if he was upset with the Welshman or something. Laughing, Ianto moved Jack by his shoulders to face him, Laughing as they played they ended up having fun messing up the sheets. Ianto was good at tickling Jack.


They were on top of each other when their heard many coughs. Ianto looked up and spotted the Doctor as did Jack.

"Sorry I didn't wanted to interrupt..." Said the Doctor looking away from them.

"Fortunately for you." Jack laughed. "You didn't." Ianto grinned.

The Doctor smiled and looked at Ianto. "I'm sorry but it is time to go."

Ianto looked down, and his gaze met Jack's eyes. He stood up taking his clothes. He changed in the bathroom and walked out a few minutes later, Jack was waiting for him. Ianto smiled softly and he just passed by Jack not looking back. Jack watched them until they walked inside the Tardis. When the Tardis disappeared and the Hub was silent and alone, Jack felt a lighter sense of loss.

Sounds of the Thames house alarm.

" We have to take you out of here." Said the Jack of the past desperately. "I can survive anything but you can't...."

Ianto laughed and looked at Jack. "Calm down my dear Jack." Said Ianto calmly taking out something.

Jack blinked looking at him while Ianto was putting on his gas mask. Jack arched his eyebrows and Ianto handed him one, Jack took the gas mask and looked at Ianto as he put it on.


"Can you tell me how the hell you knew that big fucking Alien was going to attack us with gas?" Asked Jack taking off his mask and looking at Ianto as the left the building.

Ianto turned and looked at Jack still wearing his mask. "Are you my mummy?" Asked Ianto and then laughed when Jack pulled off Ianto's mask. "Okay, okay..." Ianto laughed. "It just... Came to my mind". Said Ianto and shrugged smiling. "We survived, that's what count." He shrugged again and kissed Jack's lip softly. "I'm starving. Fancy McDonalds?"

They walked down the street, Jack was still confused, but anyway he took Ianto's hand and smiled happily wrapping an arm around his waist. Ianto was very pleased.

"I love you" Whispered Jack on Ianto's ear, Ianto smiled softly watching Jack "I love you too"


"I knew that wasn't a good idea." Mumbled the Doctor watching them from the door of his Tardis, narrowing his eyes, he sighed softly.

"Humans, so predictable!" Said The Master. "But you did the same." Master smirked and kissed the Doctor's neck while stroking his belly above his clothes "For me".

"You prefer to be dead?" Asked the Doctor annoyed. "I can give you back to your own time-line if you want?" Continued the Doctor angrily.

"You're not going to do that." Said Master with a mischievous and seductive smile on his lips. "Or you will lose loads of wild sex."

The Doctor closed the door suddenly and a funny but evil laugh sounded on the street coming form inside the Tardis.

End...? I don't think so.
Tags: fanfic, fanfic:nc-17, humour

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