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Flights of Fancy

Title: Flights of Fancy

Disclaimer: I do not own TW. Original characters are mine and free to use in whatever manner anyone sees fit since this isn’t copyrighted.

Summary: Katie Symth has worked for Torchwood for less than two years and still learning the ropes. However, she’s certain that she can get Jack Harkness.

Author: Burning Nova/AKA Effie

Characters/Paring: Jack, OCs: Katherine Smyth, Henry Wong, Taylor Florence Smith, and a few others in passing or mention. Past?/Present?/Future? (Can’t tell without giving away more) Jack/Ianto; one-sided Jack/OC.

Rating: T

Notes: No COE but will incorporate some aspects from it. I will update this sporadically. I am working on five fanfics right now on my spare time. It’s not what I meant to do (I meant to finish one then start another) but I have crack-bunnies/plot bunnies in my head. However I will finish this. I do not think this will be TOO long. Maybe five chapters at most.

In which the plot is established
Tags: fanfic

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