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Story updates

Sorry that there is only two but I have been writing with other non-torchwood characters but here is a little Janto for you.

Title: The Prince’s Groom

Author: Wereleopard

Rating: PG, come on it’s a classic romance film

Pairing: Jack/Ianto,

Spoilers: Ummm all of Torchwood and The Princess Bride

Summary: When Prince Jack – lovelorn after the loss of his beloved Ianto - is kidnapped by cunning crook Owen and his sidekicks Rhys the giant and swordswoman Toshiko, he is confident his one true love will come to save him. But is the man in the mask hot on the heels of his captors the Prince Hart, to whom he is now betrothed to, or a mysterious stranger.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Torchwood or The Princess Bride. I wish.

N/B I got the DVD for Christmas

Chapter Six http://wereleopard58.livejournal.com/97909.html
Chapter Seven http://wereleopard58.livejournal.com/98478.html#cutid1

Title: Grease (Torchwood style)

Author: Wereleopard58

Rating: FRAO

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Spoilers: Well all of Dr Who, Torchwood and Grease.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Grease, Dr Who or Torchwood

N/B Sorry that some of the songs have just the person who is singing them by their name I found it too difficult and off putting jumping from scene to scene for one line of a song guess which one LOL

This was for for Reel_Torchwood on livejournal challenge sorry it couldn’t be done on time.

Thank you to god_of_fire for beta’ing

Danny Jack Harkness

Sandy Ianto Jones

Rizzo Christina De Souza

Kenickie The Doctor

Doody Owen

Sonny Andy Davison

Putzie Mickey Smith

Frenchy Tosh

Jan Rose Tyler

Martha Martha Jones

Principal McGee Sarah-Jane Smith

Coach Calhoun Idris Hopper

Mrs Murdock Lois Abiba

Blanche Jackie Tyler

Johnny Casino and the gamblers Take That

Patty Simcox Suzie Tom Chisum Ross

Nurse Wilkins Ms Johnson

Eugene Malcolm Clark

Mr Lynch Mr Noble

Waitress Donna

Cha Cha Gwen

Leo John Hart

Chapter Two http://wereleopard58.livejournal.com/98576.html#cutid1

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