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Title: M17 Partners In Trouble (1/?) IMPROVED VERSION
Pairing: Jack / Ianto *YAY*
Summery: Two MI7 Agents have to join forces when Agent Jones's partner is injured. But when he meets Jack his world turns all Sco-Wif and they both uncover a secret plot to out throw MI7 with a European Spy Agency. But who is behind this? And will they find out before they are all mysteriously murdered?
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13 ( Because of Adult Concepts.....Hehe !!  Only a couple a promise!! )

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The American huffed loudly and pretended to to look at his watch. He was bored. Shouting outside a large metal door that looked like a storage container but strangely it was on Cardiff high street was not always the best thing to do but he didn’t care. He was Jack Fucking Harkness. It looked rather out of place next to Topshop and Klintons Cards but no one questioned it or wondered why it was there, no one even thought about what was inside. Truth is there normally wasn't anything inside at all, it was an old storage room for the next shop down but they had sold it due to the space being too small and sold it to a strange company called MI7. They were an American company looking to invest in small rooms for selling purposes. Being a simple man and all but no questions were asked and in less than a week the deal was done. How did he know it was brought by agents?

"Hurry up! I swear if that robber has kicked off and is holding the bank to ransom your explaining it to Yvette!".Banging on the door and looking incredibly frustrated the American.
The door opened with a bang and dust piled out spilling onto the pavement a few slabs down. "Bloody Hell! How did you breathe in there? “Pointing to the door which was being closed by a man that was dressed in jeans, a simple T-Shirt and converse trainers.  

" It wasn't that bad, there was a light and I have left my suit in the bag in there so i can go back for it later...........if i don't get shot!" 
The man whispered the last bit and his face turned a deep red colour as the American waved his arms out dramatically and huffed for the third time.

" You won't get shot Ianto !!! Trust me ! ". Iantos face darkened and he shouted “Trust you ? Why in gods heck would i trust you? You’re the one that cheated at hide and seek at the Christmas party last year! Yeah. Huh. I know it was you that locked me in the storage closet because I didn't give you a blow job Jack! ". Anger was seeping through his veins regardless that he was on one of  Cardiff’s high streets.

“Oh for god sake that was one time! And it was not because you would not give me a blow job it was because you would of won the chocolate Santa and well...... I WANTED CHOCLATE SANTA!".Jack shouted loudly and strutted off fast until Ianto caught up and he slowed down to a steady walk.

Silence grew around the pair as people started to look so they walked down the street closley in silence.
"Look I am sorry about locking you in the cupboard at the Christmas party and a bit disappointed that you don't trust me because technically we are partners in the force BUT it is your fault that you have to go in there I mean it's not my fault that your absolutely shit as fuck at playing rock paper scissors is it?".

Ianto hated him sometimes. No scratch that a majority of the time spent with him he wanted to whack his head in a toaster and turn it up full blast but he was right about something. Him and Jack were partners in the force.

“I accept your apology .....I think. Anyway why do i have to go in the bank with only one gun with apparently 4 bank robbers that are going to obliterate everyone inside if they don't get 500 grand! ".

"Go on a rock paper scissors beginners course I don't know! I mean this is our first mission together! It's not my fault Agent 192 tripped on a pebble is it?" Jack started at him with a look that was like sarcastic twat grin with ' I told you so' in for good measure and humiliation. 

“His name is Andy and okay he wasn't the brightest of people in the task force but he is my mate. And you can't talk you got sent to Cardiff because you were causing awoll in Devon! I hear that you set an explosion in the head office off and Martha had to spend two weeks in hospital because of shock. Twice." Ianto was looking at him like a school child getting told off and Ianto could not help but laugh his head off inside. 

“Okay, Okay enough of the talking about Martha she deserved what she got she was..............Evil!" Jack said it with hesitation and Ianto gaped at him in surprise.
"Evil? She gave you a pack of Gummy Bear Sweets when it was your birthday! You couldn't get enough of them for a month afterwards. You were hooked!"

“See what she causes ADDICTION!!!!!  Oh yeah and obesity! Anyway you get in the Bank, when it's all kicking off you send me the signal, I run in there guns blazing, we both make arrests, wait till the police get here, show our flashy MI7 IDs and I can be at your house watching Eastenders Live Before 8. So yeah? We on? Boom Boom?" He was making fake gun shots with his hands. How sad. Ianto really felt sorry for him sometimes.

"Ah God! Not again! You watched Eastenders yesterday and the day before! I knew Yvette was talking a lot of bullshit when she said you staying at my place for a bit till they find you a place and it will help us bond. All its fucking done is send m electricity and food budgets through the fucking roof!." 

Ianto put his gun in the holster behind his jacket pocket and looked at Jack with uncertainty.

“Do I look like a chav?"

Jack looked at him in surprise and his eyes went big”What? No, no a chav? What No No, You just....No you don't. Anyway make the signal and see you in a bit mate okay? Yeah Bye!" He waved and strode off towards the cafe across the road to await the signal.

Ianto knew he was lying. Great! Hardly any weapons, about to get shot and if by chance do not get shot have to sit through Eastenders. Again. He didn’t know which one sounded worse, getting shot or spending the night watching Soap Operas. And on top of it all he looked like a Chav.

Oh Well. Work to do. 





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