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MI5 Partners in Trouble

Title: MI5 Partners in Trouble (2/?)

Rating: PG-13 (Swearing)

Summary: Two MI7 Agents have to join forces when Agent Jones's partner is injured. But when he meets Jack his world turns all Sco-Wif and they both uncover a secret plot to out throw MI7 with a European Spy Agency. But who is behind this? And will they find out before they are all mysteriously murdered?

Spoilers: None

Warnings: None....That I can think of!

Authors Note: Next Part ACTION PACKED WITH GUNS AND EVERYTHING!! POW POW POW *fakes explosion and turns red*





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Ianto walked into the building looking every bit the chav hippy young adult looking for a cheap loan that he could never pay off. The only thing that could pull him of the crowd would be a small earpiece that shown in his ear when the light hit it but without an obscene amount of bad luck and an open window with no blinds he wouldn’t be caught out, hopefully. 


He walked over to the customer desk and asked “Hello, I would like to take out a loan please. Could I talk to someone about it?” he smiled sweetly at the lady behind the desk and she smiled politely back. “Yes of course Mr..?”.


Jones Jones Jones his head was shouting at him.


“Jone- NO! Sorry! Braxton. James Braxton.” Fuck that was close and he rushed quickly and mentally shot himself for saying Jones.


The s started at him carefully but went back to her computer and typed in his name. She handed him a loan form. “Fill this in and come when it’s completed, you can do it here or take it and bring it back whenever you like.”


“I’ll complete it here thanks.” Ianto strode over to a chair and desk and completed the form remembering several times that he had to put details on the form about James Braxton, NOT Ianto Jones Profession: Agent MI5, Yeah best not put that might cause up a bit of a stir and that was the last thing he needed.


While he was ‘filling’ in the form he was looking at the mantel clock that was hoisted onto the main wall of the bank, and it looked magnificent with all the carful attention to detail and the... ..”


Ianto Coughed as he was brought back from his day dream and noticed the time, it was 12:57 and the MI5 had a tip off about the robbers coming in at 1. He could not admit that he wasn’t nervous, they could not predict that the robbers could not run in guns blazing before he got a chance to send the signal to Jack. 1 minute to 1 and three men walked in, not suspicious at all to normal citizens but Ianto knew it was them. He could tell by their posture, there look..........and make out the gun in the third mans left jean pocket. They walked up to the desk, polite at first but then the drama happened and it all kicked off.




 The obvious leader screamed to the desk cashier, she looked so scared and frightened and Iantos heart broke. It fell in to pieces because this woman whoever she was had a job at home, children and family but yet she didn’t know at this moment if she would ever see them again and neither did Ianto. He didn’t know if anyone would get out alive. They were always a chance someone could get hurt because there was a 5 inch barrel gun to her head and maniacs demanding money. Who wouldn’t shit themselves if they were in that position?


She quickly opened the tills and started chucking the money into the counter silently sobbing as the 5 barrel gun was inches from the temple. Ianto was wondering when to intercept but he knew he had to act fast. His thoughts were intercepted when he was roughly pushed towards the center of the bank by the short stubby guy that had the look of a gangster/ transvestite.


But them he was stopped.


“Oi! Brad Look at this, this geezer has got something in is ear!” he grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me back. I knew I was in deep shit. I wrestled him out of the head lock and got him on the floor behind his back.


“What the fuck! You son of a bitch you!! “. The tall guy holding the gun leaped at me and got me down on the floor pushing my skin against the cold slate floor and bruising my left cheek. Fuck that hurt. He plucked the earpiece from my ear when i could hear from it Jack shouting rapidly down it. In all the commotion I had forgot to inform in on what was happening and send the signal. Shit he’s going to make me watch fucking triple Eastenders tonight.


If I survive.


“Well well well, look what we have here mates! The police force on our backs! Who screwed us up then? Was it Morris? Well he needs the money I suppose so I understand that, but doesn’t mean to say I won’t blow his brains out guys!” He started laughing and knelt down next to me staring me deep in the eyes. “Who do you work for? Police?”


“Fuck no, but when you find out you’ll be the one at the exit shitting yourself.” Ianto replied in confidence even though really he was the one that was bricking it and clearly not ‘Brad’.


“Who’s that then?” smirking as he said it and looking around.


“MI7” Ianto whispered and couldn’t help but smile when the smirk on his face quickly cleared returning with a sour glare.


Ianto took the advantage of surprise and quickly pushed the fat guy that was on top if his, hit him in the temple, then turned and knocked out the stubby short guy with one punch. Brad was shitting himself now it was just Ianto and him scared that he would be beaten without the help of followers but still trying to put on a brave face.


“God! I must say Brad you don’t pick your followers very well do you? Out with one punch! Ouch. That’s got to hurt to your ego.” It was Iantos turn to give the sour glare this time around he felt fucking fantastic, but he still remembered about Brads gun standing barely 3 yards away from him and kept his pride in.


“Now, you tell me every single fucking detail about this raid, all the other raids you have done and what you’re planning to do and when I kill you and bury you in the ground, I won’t shit on your grave.”





“Ianto? IANTO?” Jack was screaming down the device in his ear and pacing a alleyway far down the road. “JESUS CRIST!”


Jack had heard every part of the conversation including the part of Ianto getting caught out and being pushed to the floor. Trust Ianto to get shoved in front a window without any blinds.


Jack made a rash decision and decided to make way for the bank straight away, without communication there was no chance of getting a signal from him anyway. He didn’t care if Ianto or even MI5 were pissed at him when this was all over, all he was thinking was his partner, no not just a partner! His best friend was about to get shot through the head with a gun, but not is Jack Harkness could help it.



When he had finished explaining to Ianto, Brad looked at him deeply. “What are you going to do know them pretty-boy? Send for back up because I don’t see anyone and you won’t send for back up anyway. I know.” He smiled and looked at the hostages on the floor. Next to them were the two followers that were still unconscious after 10 minutes. Ianto just hoped they weren’t dead.  Two un-needed for killings were the last thing Ianto wanted n his file at the minute with all of Jacks larking about on missions and causing them to lose serious brownie points with Yvette, Cardiff’s MI7 Head. He had permission to kill Brad but not the two others, unfortunately.


“How do you know I haven’t sent back up? I could have sent them when you first came in through that door you basted”, said Ianto still pointing the gun at brads head with clear precision.


He laughed and looked at the small earpiece that was left forgotten about on the desk. “That transmitter hasn’t sent a message out for the last 25 minutes. That was before I got here.”.


Looking straight behind Ianto he smiled, “And it is never going to send one. Ever again!”


Two large arms grabbed my neck and pulled me onto the floor, tied my wrist and whispered my ear,” that punch hurt you little basted but not nearly as much as getting shot is going to hurt you!”


The tall guy yanked me up to look me in the eyes of the gun. Brad was holding it and looked hell bent for revenge. “One last chance. You tell me everything you know about MI7 ,MI5,MI9 and  the British Intelligence and you can walk out of here with only a few cuts and bruises, and when I say a few I mean fuck loads. No one’s coming to get you; you’re on your own with only me and this gun for company. So what’s it going to be then?”


 He gave a questioning look at me and twisted his head. He looked like a small child and I almost felt sorry for him to be in this situation. Almost but not quite there, I hated the basted, remember?


“You can take that offer and stick it right up your fucking twisted arse. The answers No you shitless fucker.”


“Loyal to the end then, I could use a man like you on my team. What do you say?” raising his eyebrow. I was just about to answer when I an American Voice Echo around the Banks Tiled Walls.


“When Ianto Jones says no, he fucking well means it you fucker!” I knew who it was even through I hadn’t dare take my eyes of the gun pointing at my nose. His voice sent shivers up my spine and I knew I was safe. What are you thinking Ianto? You can’t like him in that way! Fuck sake he’s your Partner for god’s sake! Even through you both are sexually attracted to each other does not mean you can act on those feelings. Act professional, and if you happen to shag along the way and start dating well it comes with the Job. Who the fucking am I kidding??  I suppose when you are about to die you do proclaim your love for the ones in your life. What the hell! Love?


Not even bothering to look around he spoke to me and looked me in the eye.  “Goodbye Ianto”. Closing his eyes, Ianto waited. He was saying silent prayers to everyone he knew and loved, liked and even hated, His mum and dad, his sister, his niece and nephew, his dog poppy, the guy behind the counter at Starbucks and Jack. Jack. God would he miss him, but at least he would get to see mum and dad again and  he would seriously be pissed off if he didn’t get a first class ticket to heaven with extra pillows after all the shit he has done for the country.


A gunshot fired and he didn’t know if it was him that the shot was aimed at, but five seconds later after being chucked to the floor guessing that the tall guy and the stubby fat guy ran off. He heard sirens and guessed the police had heard about the attack.


Two big strong arms lifted him up off the cold floor and pulled him into his arms. Honestly now he could of honestly been in heaven or hell for all he cared. His eyes drooped and he fell unconscious but fell asleep listening to the soft murmurs of an American named Jack.



^^^^ Hoped you guys liked it! Worked hard on this one! If people like it then comment! It gives me encouragement !!!  Next one is going to be a bit steamy.....  :) ^^^^   






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