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Fic: Force of Gravity

Title: Force of Gravity
Author: alba17
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: R
Length: 2450 words
Disclaimer: Everything's owned by the BBC.
Spoilers/Warnings: Takes place during and after 2.01, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
Summary: Ianto's not a delicate flower, but a 20-something guy who hasn't had gotten laid nearly enough in the past year. Re-enter Jack, with all his charms and complications.
A/N: Many thanks to bookwrm89 for the efficient and helpful beta. Also, I wrote a canon Torchwood fic that's not sad! A minor miracle.

Ianto tried to restrain himself for as long as possible. He kept a foot of space between himself and Jack at all times.
Tags: fanfic:r

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