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01 March 2010 @ 11:49 pm
Fic: Forget, Survive, Repeat (Pre-Slash, Janto, PG-13, Complete)  
No, it's not the sequel, but a small offering of Torchwood fic from the help_haiti fic auction.

Title: Forget, Survive, Repeat
Author: d8rkmessngr
Fandom: Torchwood (gasp!)
Pairing: Janto, pre-slash
Rating: PG-13, hurt-comfort, angst, drama
Words: 12,900+, complete, betaed by soullessminion
Summary: A help_haiti auction fic. He came to Torchwood, to Jack, for Lisa. But now she's gone and Ianto isn't sure what he has left. Post "Cyberwoman".
Prompt: I like post Cyberwoman Janto fics. I'd like to read one that deals only with Ianto's suspension and how he gets through it.
Spoilers: "Cyberwoman", minor references to "Fragment", "Small Worlds", "Adrift", and the Torchwood yearbook.

Link: (It wasn't until he stood there, debating on whether to get her the morning edition of the Daily Mail or the Elle spring issue, that Ianto remembered Lisa was dead.)