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Title: Hunger
Characters: Jack, Ianto and cameos by a couple of other characters
Excerpt: Jack is aware of the fact that the hunger itself only happens in his head; it's all a question of chemistry....
Word Count: ~2700ish
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: mentions of torture, apart from that: food!p0rn, hand!p0rn, mind!p0rn and p0rn!p0rn
Spoilers: Spoilers for everything up to 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' possible
Disclaimer: Torchwood doesn't belong to me but the BBC, I'm just borrowing.
Beta: wynkat1313 who whipped this biatch like whoa and made me laugh a couple of times in the process
Author's notes: Written for the tw_lucky_7 challenge involving the prompt gluttony and the character Jack.
Tags: fanfic

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