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MI5 Partners in Trouble




 Title: MI5 Partners in Trouble (3/?) PART ONE

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Two MI7 Agents have to join forces when Agent Jones's partner is injured. But when he meets Jack his world turns all Sco-Wif and they both uncover a secret plot to out throw MI7 with a European Spy Agency. But who is behind this? And will they find out before they are all mysteriously murdered?

Spoilers: None

Warnings...everything under the sun....Mmmmm ***

 Authors Note:  This is the first part, second part is a little saucy!!! * Hint Hint *



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It was night now and all Ianto wanted to do was go home, snuggle up on the sofa and watch TV, even if it was Eastenders. Unfortunately that wasn’t happening at the minute and he was sitting on the steps of an ambulance with at least three medics asking the same questions over and over again. This was defiantly not his idea of a ‘simple’ mission. It had turned out to be a bloody disaster.


Jack had lied to him! He had said that they would be going home, ordering a Chinese and relaxing (While watching Eastenders Jack had argued because he wanted to find out who killed Archie. Bloody saddo.) Instead after he had woke up and embarrassingly passing out he had been dragged off by the MI7 medics and been prodded and poked for so long he honestly thought he was going to pass out but not from pain but from boredom. It was freezing as well but at least he would be cheered up by the thought of fresh coffee. He had sent Jack to get in twenty minutes ago when he knew they would be there awhile and he had not come back yet, it was only round the corner.


It was 11:15 now, and the night was pitch black, he could barely make out the bank anymore as he was on the opposite side of the road. MI5 and the police had taken base in the car park opposite the Bank and tents had been set up. Of course in the early afternoon they had been great interest in the mysterious looking figures in black and wondering what the hell was going on. News reporters and television channel crew had also caught onto the fact something weird was going on and there was no giving up on there part as they hadn’t moved from there standing position at the front gate for the last 5 hours. Ianto hoped they would all just go any and let MI5 do their jobs. But that clearly was not going to happen very soon if ever. Jack was striding over to the ambulance with a brown paper bag and two large coffee take out cups. Wonder what took him this long to get here?



5 minute earlier...


Jack had set off for the coffee shop 10 minutes ago and sill couldn’t see anything that resembles a decent coffee shop. Ianto had told him to go down the end of the street turn left and there it was but all Jack could see was run down small shop with a flickering light reading ‘Food’. Surly Ianto didn’t mean that old little thing. Jack gave into chance and walked to the room resembling a coffee shop. Inside it looked barely big enough for 3 people to walk around in but he could delicious coffee and forgot about that. The girl behind the counter looked barley out of school and was flicking through a magazine still not realizing anyone was there. Jack cleared his throat roughly and her blonde hair flickered up.


She smiled and turned her head to the left” What can I get you?”, putting her magazine down and putting her elbows on the counter Jack thought she looked about 10.


“Two milky coffees please, oh and a cookie” he smiled and got out his wallet.


“That will be two forty please.” As she put the costs into a cash machine and Jack handed her the money and she grabbed it off him as if that had been all the money she had seen all day, but he supposed it might have been given the state of the outside of the cafe.



“I’ll just put a fresh batch on for you, won’t be a tick”, she walked through the beaded the net through to the kitchen.

Jack sat down on a plastic chair and watched the world of darkness from outside. It looked so peaceful, so unrealistic to him but to other people it would look ordinary and normal.

He was faced with people every day that had seen the world and caused acts that even the devil would be proud of. I guess that’s why he appreciated the peace and quiet when it was brought. Jack was annoyed they were not going home anytime soon, and what must annoy him must of annoyed Ianto even more. He hoped they got home soon for three reasons:

1.) To watch the late night recording of Eastenders to find out who killed Archie ( The suspense was killing him, I mean come on he’s a secret undercover agent and he couldn’t figure out who did it so the rest of Britain haven’t got a chance!)

2.) To get something to eat preferably Indian.

3.) To spend time with Ianto.


Even Jack was surprised with the last one but he couldn’t get the thought out of his mind. He knew that really he should have gone in because he had more experience with robberies but he wanted to show Ianto that he wasn’t as vain as he thought he was. Ianto had gotten hurt badly no matter how much he didn’t want to admit it, and there was no denying it that Jack had been worried. (Worried was an understatement, he had threatened to seriously damage the officer’s ability to have children that was stopping him going in there sooner.) Thinking about Ianto lying on the marble floor bleeding and defiantly in pain was what killed Jack the most through, knowing that he couldn’t do anything standing outside the bank until back-up arrived in case they both got killed and that would not help the 20+ people thought to have been taken hostage, but it was tempting to just go for it.


 Luckily for Jack, Ianto and the hostages, MI5 had gotten there quickly but unfortunately had also brought along Police, ambulance crew, snipers and the most dreaded onlookers that wanted to take a video of someone being shot and put it on YouTube. When they had finally taken action and stormed the bank, Ianto had been seriously injured and Jack barely got to hold him before paramedics took over. Since then Jack had just been pottering about outside the tent Ianto was being treated in and when had gotten asked to get a coffee for Ianto before he was sent home he jumped at the chance to be somewhat remotely useful. Thinking about what could of happened if Ianto had been hurt badly had not registered with Jack yet and to be completely honest he didn’t want them to. He was glad Ianto was back in one piece and was determined to make the most of their time together, however long that might be.


Jack stopped himself there. What was he talking about? He’s talking as if they were lovers or something. He didn’t have feelings for Ianto. Well, even if he did Ianto didn’t share them. He was straight with a capital straight; well at least he thought so. His thoughts were over shadowed by the waitress bringing in two streaming cups of coffee and putting the plastic lids on.


“Have a nice night.” She smiled and walked back into the kitchen leaving him to collect the cups.

“Thanks” He called after her but was unsure whether she heard him or not.


He walked out of the shabby cafe and started making the short walk back to the ambulance van which was parked on the opposite side of the road than the base for MI5. Yvette had told him that they had a meeting at 10 the next morning so he was hoping when he got back to the ambulance Ianto would be patched up and ready to go. He really didn’t want to Miss Eastenders. Walking back he replayed his earlier convocation with his head and heart from earlier. If he did tell Ianto that he had certain feelings for him what would happen? He could be either thrown out, and he had fucked up royally or it could go the other way and he could be pulled into welcoming arms. Sexy welcoming arms.


Seeing Ianto in the distance he rushed those thoughts out of his head and ran over the road avoiding the traffic. Ianto looked up and his face seemed happier, he honestly didn’t know if it was seeing Jack or seeing and smelling coffee. He hoped it was both.



“Are you all sorted out then?, Jack asked looking hopeful. Ianto almost laughed at his frustration.

“Yeah, I have 2 broken ribs, some bruising and a nasty cut on my leg but nothing serious.” Ianto smiled, took the coffee out of Jacks hand and got up of the ambulance step.”They said we can go whenever I’m ready, so let’s go I’m starving!”


Jack chuckled softly and walked out onto the pavement heading for the car. “I had to change where the car was parked, that Sainsbury’s car park was expensive and I had only got a tenner on me.”


“How did you pay for the coffee? You could have just asked if you needed some money I have twenty pounds with me.”


“Oh its okay, Yvette gave me 50 quid to go get everyone tea and cakes when it looked like they were going to be awhile. I went to McDonalds and saved a fortune! It only cost twenty quid and they never asked for the change so I thought that would pay for the car park and our dinner tonight seeing as you deserve it, it’s the least they can do after what a ‘simple operation’ caused you. Oh and we have to go for a de-briefing tomorrow at HQ around 10, I don’t know if they told you?” Jack spotted the car and walked swiftly over, Ianto following close behind.


“Yeah, they told me. So what are we having for dinner with the money you technically STOLE from Yvette you cheeky bugger?”


“I thought Indian we could got o that cool little take out that gives you the free tiger toys with the deformed faces.” , laughed Jack and even Ianto was chuckling to himself.


“Yeah sounds like a plan then. But you’re not ordering the Japati again that absolutely stunk last time; I could smell it over a week later.”


“It’s not my fault they used extra chillies. They are LETHEL. I mean what sort of person puts that many chillies in one curry? Only a absolute idiot would do that!”


“Jack, you asked for extra chillies.”


“Oh Yeah”




They arrived back at the flat, with curries in tow looking tired and hungry. The traffic hadn’t been that bad so they got to the curry house quickly and was served even quicker as it was 12:30 in the morning. They unpacked quickly and settled down in front of the TV, when Jack wouldn’t shut up about the BBC Three repeat of Eastenders.






“Erm, I going to tell you something and I don’t know how you will react.”


“Okay tell me. Although if it’s about ruining my pink shirt in the dryer and making it small even for a 3 year old, I already know and you are so going to be dead in the morning.”


“No, it’s not that but about that in my defence the damn thing would not do what I told it to do. Anyway I’m not going to tell you.”


“What? What have I done?”


“Nothing. I’m going to show you instead”.




To say Jack was nervous was an extreme understatement, his palms were sweating, his heart about to give way and the lungs about shrivelled because he hadn’t taken any breath in for the last 3 minutes. He would of rather taken a murderous villain any day but he knew if he didn’t show Ianto now how he felt, then how would be feel next week, or next month when his feelings gradually grew stronger? Seeing Ianto there looking at him with him mouth slightly ajar, his hair a little messy and a small bruise starting to form on his left cheek, Jack thought he couldn’t of looked more beautiful.


Slowly he put his hand on the side of Iantos head and pulled him in. At first it was surreal, their lips barely touching but when Jack overcome the shock, he pressed a little harder and pressed himself into Iantos chest. If Ianto was going to push him away it would have been before now and that gave him a little more confidence. Then Ianto started kissing back. He gripped Jacks hair and moaned deep, while trying to pry open Jacks mouth which he gladly accepted. But what surprised him more what was happened next. What he did next. 


He pulled back.


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