Trish (spartan_117) wrote in jackxianto,

Jack and Ianto Jigsaw Puzzles

I seem to be perpetually apologising for being late. Damn real life and my incredibly stupid idea that the lounge needed repainting. Never, ever, ever again. I'm paying someone to do it next time.

Anyway I finally remembered this morning I hadn't posted any puzzles lately. D'oh!

TW-screencap212_147 - online jigsaw puzzle - 120 pieces

TWS1_BTS_002sm - online jigsaw puzzle - 112 pieces

I had to do this one. Ianto is so cute with his Cyberwoman doll and Jack is still Jack even if he's only about 6. It's from the Torchwood Babiez Comic only I can't remember who does it but they're brilliant.

twbabiez_page_36 - online jigsaw puzzle - 121 pieces

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