Mercury Pheonix (mercury_pheonix) wrote in jackxianto,
Mercury Pheonix

What Cannot Be Expressed: The Beauty Underneath

Series: What Cannot Be Expressed - a series of one-shots based on music that inspires me.
Title: The Beauty Underneath
Characters/Pairings: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: Hints at a scene in Fragments, but otherwise nothing.
Rating: T
Warnings: Heavily implied M/M relationship.
Summary: Ianto Jones was a beautiful man...a man whose beauty was defined by his inner ugliness.
Author: mercury_pheonix 
A/N: This one-shot is based on the song "The Beauty Underneath" from the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Love Never Dies". I've wanted to write a series of one-shots for a long time, and using music, the ultimate truth-teller in my life, was the best way for me. This is the first in what will hopefully be a continually updated series - it all depends on whether a song inspires me to write.
Tags: fanfic

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