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Cardiff 2135 A.D. 55/55 - Complete!

Title:  Cardiff 2135 A.D - Chapter 55 - Complete
Word Count: 4,768
Characters: Jack, Ianto, OC
Warnings:  None
Summary:  Jack is running Torchwood Cardiff in the 22nd century. What happens when an alien invasion causes enough damage to threaten that which he holds most dear?

A/N: This story is now complete.  For those of you waiting for the whole thing to be posted, it is now ready to be devoured in one gulp. ;)  Some reviews from previous chapters said the following:

"AWWW! You've made my insides mushy from sweetness and jumpy from nerves." - blipxinxtime

"I'm hooked on this story!! :D" - Iantosgal

"Very exciting and mysterious!" - Blossomlegs

Chapter 55

If you missed the beginning of this story, it can be found here.

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