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Legacy Of The Bad Wolf

Author: Teleen teleens_journal
Title: Legacy of the Bad Wolf 
Genre: Slash, COE fix
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Master, Jack/others, Jack/Lucia (mentioned), Ianto/Lisa (mentioned) Gwen/Rhys, and others
Rating: NC-17/MA/Adult
Spoilers: DW through “Planet of the Dead.”  TW through COE Day Five.  Canon compliant through these episodes, then AU.
Warnings: Extreme Torture, Rape, MPreg, Slash, Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Mentions of character death, Language, dues ex machina
Size: ~41, 000 words total, ~2,000 per chapter over 20 chapters.
Disclaimer: RTD & the BBC own both Doctor Who & Torchwood. I make no money from this.
Beta: frakkin_addict  Thank you isn’t enough!
Summary: The 10th Doctor finds Jack after the events of Children of Earth. COE fix.
A/N: Previously published at "A Teaspoon and an Open Mind."  This story is complete and all chapters are linked.  So as not to spam my FList, I back-dated all entries but this one in my journal.  

Story is at my journal - please click on the title for Chapter I or the Masterlist to access the entire fic.  Thanks! 

Legacy of the Bad Wolf Masterlist

Tags: fanfic:nc-17

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