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MI7 Partners In Trouble (3/?) PART TWO *WARNING*

Title: MI5 Partners in Trouble (3/?) PART TWO AU

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Two MI7 Agents have to join forces when Agent Jones's partner is injured. But when he meets Jack his world turns all Sco-Wif and they both uncover a secret plot to out throw MI7 with a European Spy Agency. But who is behind this? And will they find out before they are all mysteriously murdered?

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Explit Sex Scene.....MwahHaHa.... :)

 Authors Note:   Sooo Nervous About this but it should be okay....I think lol Sex scene in this chapter so whoever doesn’t want to read Naughty Janto Doesn’t have to! But I would recommend it!



Jack pulling back was a thing he just had to do. It couldn’t be like this. Ianto could not be kissing him back, it just wasn’t possible. They were work colleges for god sake, it just wouldn’t work especially not in there line of work. Even if he did love him. Immensely.

“Ianto. No-Stop...”

Jack stood up and walked over to the window looking out at all the people below, some drunk, some couples walking hand in hand(Jack didn’t even want to know what they were doing) and the stray cat gliding over the road looking out for any drunken mobs or buses.

“We can’t do this.” He signed heavily but did not tear his eyes away from the window. He couldn’t bear to look Ianto in the eye.

“And why the fuck not?”

Iantos voice filled the whole room, and was strong and confident. This made it even worse for Jack. Great another argument and Jack had a feeling this one wouldn’t end so nicely.

“You don’t know do you? You just fucking kissed me and when I kiss you back you get scared and then say No! You just haven’t got the balls have you?” He heard Ianto get up and walk over to him so he was facing his back.

“Fuck you Ianto! I kissed you because it felt right, because I wanted to okay!” Jack turned around and stared at Ianto. He looked....disappointed.

“Then why didn’t you carry on, I mean I was hardly running for the hills. I have liked you for a long time, I just haven’t had the balls to admit it but I am now. There I’ve said it. I like you and not in a friend way and to be honest I think I’m way past just the ‘liking’ stage. So – Yeah...”

To say Jack was shocked was an understatement. He didn’t know Ianto felt that way, that way meaning the same way Jack felt about Ianto. This is so like a sappy romantic comedy Jack thought like the films where someone would declare their love for a fried, they would kiss and have passionate love-filled sex and live happily ever after with bunnies and baking pies in the suburbs. Jack thought the ending of that story was a bit weird for him and Ianto but he wouldn’t mind the passionate sex.

“Really, I mean once we do this that’s it, no turning back I mean. Well not for me that is.” Jack was looking at Ianto deeply and desperately wanted to hear the words he wanted so desperately to hear over the past few months. Let’s have sex. Only kidding he thought cheekily.

“I know it will be hard but that’s what we are always about isn’t it? That is what makes us Jack and Ianto. That is what makes us special, never taking the easy way.”

Ianto walked up to Jack and held his face in his hand, gently stroking his face. Standing close to Jack was intoxicating his aftershave clouding all of Iantos senses but he still loved it. Jack always smelt of roses, clean cut grass and a hint of rosemary and was so strong that you could smell it from across the road. Well at least Ianto could.

“You sure?” Jack asked.


With that Jack grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him, gently at first but it grew in passion as they both responded. They fought for dominance for awhile but eventfully Jack’s tongue slipped inside Iantos mouth and began exploring.

Ianto moaned gently as Jacks hands found Iantos arse and squeezed it gently, guiding Ianto to the bedroom door. Ianto tucked his hands around Jack’s waist and started prying his shirt out of his trousers while gently caressing his skin below his belly button and running his hands down the Jacks arse crack, rubbing it roughly. Jack moaned loudly and pushed Ianto against the bedroom door roughly.

“Argh, if you keep doing that Ianto we won’t make it to the bed.”

Iantos eyes glinted with lust, “Is that a promise?” 

Jack grinned and laughed while shoving the bedroom door open roughly whilst grabbing Iantos hand and pulling him inside.

“Hell yeah babe” Jack undid Iantos belt and pulled it from it’s loops forcefully while slapping Iantos arse and kissing his neck leaving a purple bruise that Into was going to kill him for tomorrow. Oh well, Jack thought. He would just have to punish him.

“Babe? That is so a girl pet name!” Ianto kissed him roughly and grabbed the back of Jack’s head trying to show his dominant side. Jack chuckled gently and pulled both of their T-shirts over both their heads, finally giving them the contact they both needed. Pulling Ianto close, Jack whispered in his ear, “But you are the girl in our relationship.”

“Girl? Oh – No...No I’m not.” Ianto was moaning loudly now and his erection was straining against the undone jeans and boxers that Jack still had not taken off, looking at Jack he couldn’t understand how he had taken everything off all apart from his boxers that is.

Jack grinned against Iantos neck and looked at him wickedly in the eyes.”Let’s see shall we?”

Without warning Jack put his hand down Iantos boxers and rubbed a small nub of flesh underneath his balls.

“ARGH- JACK! FINE I’M THE GIRL; I’M THE FUCKING GIRL ARGHHH. I’’M GONNA CU...” Ianto was shouting now while clinging onto his and shouting into his neck while moaning exotically.

Jack let go when he was about to cum and held onto the base of his cock.

“Not just yet, Babe. Not without me that is.”

Ianto was kissing his neck still recovering from his near-orgasm, still moaning slightly from the feeling that he had just felt from Jacks hold.

Jack kissed his head gently and led him to the bed. They both fell down gently and Jack pushed Ianto up to the pillows, kissing him gently.

“Are you okay now? Recovered from you’re.... pleasures?” Jack was looking at Ianto and realised two things.

1.) He so had to do that to Ianto again.

2.) Ianto looked incredibly hot right now.

Iantos hair was ruffled and he was flushed beyond anything Jack had ever seen. His eye focus was everywhere and was panting heavily. But he still looked beautiful.

Jack leant down and kissed him gently while stroking his face. Ianto sighed deeply and ran his hand through his hair. Jack slowly climbed on top of Ianto and pressed his hips down to grind Iantos crotch deeply.

Ianto gave a moan and started to kiss Jacks neck again, he ran his hand over Jacks crotch squeezing it hard.


While Jack was distracted, Ianto flipped them over and took dominance.

“You sneaky bugger...”

Jack moaned as Ianto kissed down his chest and flicked his nipples.

“Fuck Ianto...” Jack rolled his head back and hit his head on the headboard.


Laughing, Ianto slowly pulled down Jack’s boxers and freed Jack’s erection. Without delay Ianto took him in his mouth and slowly adjusted to his size. He must have been at least 10 inches. He rubbed his balls gently in circles. 

“ARGH-FUCK! Ianto shitting hell...Ohhh”

Ianto ran his tongue up his length and ran his tongue through his slit while Jack was moaning franticly. Ianto increased the pace and started to deep thought him while Jacks hands were running through is hair.

“Shit Ianto, I’m - ...I’m going to cum...Oh... FUCK!”

Suddenly Ianto felt a hot rush of cum shooting down his throat fast. When he has swallowed the cum, he gently kissed Jack’s now softening cock and kissed his chest up to his neck.

Jack was still panting loudly when Ianto reached his neck and Ianto just lay on top of him for awhile to let him calm down. Ianto was stroking his chest when jack first spoke;

“That was amazing. You’ve got a talent.” Jack chuckled and stroked Iantos hair lightly.

“Mmmmm, I know.” Ianto grinned and kissed his chest again.

“I want to tell you something.” Ianto whispered with his buried in Jacks neck. Jack soothed his hair and kissed his head.

“Go on.”

Ianto sighed, “I’ve never been with a man before, I mean proper, I mean I’ve done stuff....and stuff but not....I mean...” Ianto rambled on until Jack interrupted by chuckling softly.

“You’ve never had sex with a man before?”

Ianto nodded against Jack’s neck and Jack could see clearly that Ianto was obviously embarrassed. He lifted Iantos head up so he could look at him clearly.

“Do you want to?”


Jack leant forward and captured Ianto in a slow gentle loving kiss that lasted only a few seconds as he turned to let Ianto lay comfortably on the bed and climbed on top of him while stroking his eyes.

“Have you got any lube?” Jack asked and Ianto leant over to the bedroom drawer and got out a small bottle.

“Will this do?”

Jack smiled, “Perfect”.

He kissed Ianto again, this time more passionately. He applied some lube to his hands and headed down to Iantos arse, letting the young Welshman react if he wanted to. Luckily for Jack he didn’t.

Distracting Ianto with a passionate kiss, Jack breached Iantos hole gently and pushed a single finger inside. Ianto seized up but Jack kept kissing him and eventfully he calmed down.

“It will hurt for a bit but it will go soon babe don’t worry. It will feel good soon.”

He pushed in again but this time with two fingers. Ianto broke of the kiss.

“Argh-Jack, It hurts!” Iantos face screwed up at the pain and seized Jacks arms.

“I know, I know but it will go soon. I promise sweetheart. I swear...” He breached Ianto again but this time wriggled his fingers around a bit desperate to find his prostate to give him some pleasure.

“Ianto, you need to calm down a bit, I can’t give you any pleasure if you don’t Ianto. Calm down and trust me.”

Ianto looked into Jacks eyes and breathed out slowly.

“That’s it, come on.”

He wriggled his fingers a bit more now that he had more room and Ianto moaned loudly.

“See, darling. Pleasure. “

He repeated the action and Ianto moaned again letting his head fall back onto the pillows. Jack pulled his fingers out and Ianto whimpered.

“Don’t worry; I’ll be in there soon sweetheart.”

Jack lubed up Iantos hole again and his cock then positioned himself in between Iantos legs and pushed the head of his cock in. Ianto squirmed and arched his back crying out in pain, but muffled his cry.

“Shhhh Ianto. Remember what it felt like before? Remember the pleasure?” Jack said. He was desperately trying not to moan out loud but Ianto was so tight! His walls were surrounding him as he pushed in and Jack could hardly believe the sensation. But for now his attention was on Ianto.

When his cock was in so his balls rested on Iantos arse, Jack looked at Ianto. Ianto eyes were shut tightly and his fists were griped on the bed sheets. Jack kissed his eyelids and whispered into his ear to let go and forget about the pain.

“It’s too much Jack. I can’t take it, it hurts so fucking much!” Ianto was crying freely now and his eyes looked red and sore.

“Shhhh, Come on. It’ll ease up now sweetheart...”

Jack pulled out and repeated the action with some more ease, but still for the next few thrusts he could still see Ianto in pain. Finally Jack hit the spot.

“Ohhh” Ianto moaned quietly but when Jack hit the spot again he moaned loader.

“There we go Ianto.”

This time they both moaned at the same time and Ianto laughed.

Jack speed up his thrusts and rotated his hips.” Ianto moaned loader and grabbed Jacks hair.

“Argh – faster Jack! “.

Jack went even faster, and Jack moaned into Iantos chest.”Fuck Ianto – You’re so...fucking tight! Argh...”

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!! Argh Jack I-I....I’m...”

“Go on Ianto. Let go. Let go for me.” He pumped Iantos cock firmly and thrust faster.

That was all Ianto needed. He came with a large thrust from Jack and shouted out Jacks Name as loud as he could. Ianto didn’t think a orgasm could feel that good, he felt as though he was on cloud 9.It was fucking fantastic, but what made it even more good was hearing Jack have his own orgasm as he lay there.

Jack cried out with an ‘Oh fuck’ and cried Iantos name loudly as he came.

He collapsed onto Iantos chest and was breathing heavily, but kissed up to Iantos neck and gave him a small love bite as they lay there in post-orgasmic bliss.

“Fuck” Jack panted and gave Ianto a gentle but passionate kiss.

“Yeah, that’s one way to put it...”

Jack rolled of Ianto and lay next to him stroking his face softly,”Did I hurt you?” Jack almost looked scared; he couldn’t bear to have hurt anyone during an intimate act let alone Ianto.

Ianto sat up and looked at Jack, “No! It was wonderful.”

“Are you sure?”

Ianto leant down and kissed him deeply. “Does that answer the question?”

“It helps” said Jack grinning.

Jack pulled Ianto into his arms and gave him a loving hug, “You have quite a talent...”Ianto laughed and pulled them down so they were both laying in each other’s arms.

“I know...” Jack said laughing also. Jack spooned Ianto and gently stroked Iantos arm gently while humming.

Boy was Ianto going to be sore tomorrow.


*OMG, I am literally shitting myself! I don’t know if I was able to write a sex scene or not?? Comments please!!!!! It makes me feel Loved!!! Lol

Next Chapter up Soon....Hopefully xx *



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