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Fic: As Long As I Have (25/25)

Title: As Long As I Have (25/25)
Huge spoilers for Children of Earth, all Days.
I don't own Torchwood. Anything you recognise is the property of the BBC.
Summary: Children of Earth fix it fic, starting from Day Five.
Author's Notes: At the risk of starting what could be the longest Author's Note I've ever written; I'll begin with (yet another) apology for the delay, but it's here & it's done! And this... is the end of the fic. Huge thanks to everyone who's read it, but even more thanks to everyone who has helped with it... in no particular order; nipplemuggins, pabzi, wishiknewwho, vea29 & son_heir
The biggest thank you is for tazza_di_jo, who deserves at least as much credit as me for this, because without her I would never have posted it, large amounts of it wouldn't exist & I certainly would never have finished it. You're awesome &hearts
This is the longest thing I've ever written, the whole fic comes in at 54,960 words... I hope you've enjoyed it :)

As the weeks passed, construction on what Jack had dubbed ‘Castle Torchwood’ was making good progress... )
Tags: fanfic, fanfic:pg-13

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