Noam Jen (noamjen) wrote in jackxianto,
Noam Jen

Hi there...

I have this fic I wrote, about 3,000 words, and I need someone to BETA it, someone that is really good, to the point of borderline fascist even, with grammar and spelling. Also, no offense to any American or Canadians who might be a part of this comm, but I want a British BETA (I know from working on HP stuff, that yes it does make a difference in the story where your BETA is from).

The story is PG and a an Eleventh/Torchwood crossover. It does mention Jack/Ianto  (it's a fix-fic of sort)  and has spoilers for Children of The Earth, End of Time and tiny bitty ones to the Eleventh Hour.

It's my first DW fic, so I am really excited and want to post it already so I hope someone here can help me.


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