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26 April 2010 @ 09:09 am
Soul Reflections - 3 of 3  
Title:  Looking for Ianto in All The Wrong Places - Soul Reflections #3
Word Count:  5,049
Characters: Jack, Ianto
Warnings:  None

Summary:  Using the artifact that Tarot Girl led Jack to find, he jumps to another alternate reality in his search to find Ianto.  As he proceeds onwards, will he find the man that he loves, or just a carbon copy of Ianto who is too radically different from his own Ianto so as not to be compatible?   In Soul Relections, Jack searches with hope in his heart that finally this time he has found a replacement for his soul mate...

Chapter 3 - Jack has found Ianto in a different universe, but he's finding that this man is as different from his own Ianto as he could imagine...

Author's Note:  This story is a follow up to Looking for Ianto in All The Wrong Places, which kicked off a series of AU stories that were and are being written by a number of writers on line where we posed the question about whether Jack was willing to let Ianto go, and just how far would he be willing to go to find his soulmate in another universe.  The primary question is what makes Ianto the man that Jack loves and can he find the same person he loved and bring him back to his own reality?   This series was sparked by Rootesie's story called Parallel Loves where it got us thinking about how many other versions of Ianto Jack might have found on his journey? This prologue starts off the series as Rootesie, Sunwee and Anduria Trianys as well as myself continue on with different stories.  You can find links to their stories on my journal if you wish to read them.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no infringement with the original copyright holders is intended.

Soul Reflections - Chapter 3