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Fic: The Bureaucrat’s Love Story Ends at Six Sharp [One-Shot]

Title: The Bureaucrat’s Love Story Ends at Six Sharp
Author: heddychaa
Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG-13 (for being sexually suggestive)
Genre: Romance / Cotton Candy Fluff, set just after "To the Last Man"
Disclaimer: Torchwood's characters, concepts, and events belong to their respective owners, including but not limited to Russell T Davies and the BBC. This is a work of fan-appreciation and no profit is being made.
Summary: When the rift is quiet for three straight days, the whole team find themselves filling time. Left to his own devices in the archives with a hundred years worth of Torchwood 3 personnel files, Ianto Jones starts to question the permanence of the things he holds dear in the world. Especially disconcerting is the conundrum of his precarious relationship with Captain Jack Harkness . . . that is, until he comes to a novel solution.
A/N: Inspired by baba_o_reily's amazing (and thorough) personnel file for Jack Harkness. Beta'd by _lullabelle_, who slaps my run-ons into submission. MAYBE I AM PROVING TO MYSELF THAT I CAN WRITE HAPPY THINGS TOO.

Quiet, n.: one loose Weevil apprehended in the early morning hours without injury or incident; one negative rift-spike leading to the disappearance of a twenty-three year old girl, case immediately closed by orders of Captain Jack Harkness.

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