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Line Of Best Fit (Parts 1 & 2)

Title:  These Things Take My Time
Series:  Line of Best Fit
Word Count:  110
Characters:  Ianto, Jack, mention of Lisa
Warnings:  Slash, slight spoilers for "Cyberwoman"
Summary:  Ianto is conflicted.  Jack understands.
Author's Notes:  The first part in my sort-of song fic series Line of Best Fit (the title of the song by Death Cab For Cutie which these titles come from).  Told in Ianto's POV around when "Countrycide" takes place.


Title:  I Remember Being Inside Something More Than You
Series:  Line of Best Fit
Word Count:  100
Characters:  Jack, Alonso, mentions of Ianto
Warnings:  Slash, one curse, slapping, slight spoilers for Doctor Who and major spoilers for Torchwood: Children Of Earth
Summary:  Jack finally realizes.
Author's Notes:  This really should be the last part in my sort-of song fic series Line of Best Fit, but it doesn't matter.  Told in Jack's POV shortly after meeting Alonso.

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