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Fic, "Remote Control", 1/1

Story: Remote Control
Author: The Cleaning-Out-Her-Half-Finished-Files loveslashangst
Beta: the Doesn’t-Ship-These-Two-But-Along-For-The-Ride ophymirage
Characters: Owen Harper, Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones (Jack/Ianto implied), Gwen Cooper.
Rated: Adult for canon slash, language, implied slash and mature content.
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys (and girl). Probably better that way.
Spoilers: Post “Countrycide” (S1 of TW). Otherwise, not much.
Summary: Drabble-ish for me. Written for a long-ago fic-prompt challenge over at the_tenzo's LJ, consisting of a line chosen at random from THE JOY OF SEX: "Gentle pressure, rhythm, sight and scent, and a knowledge of remote-control methods are all that are needed."

On with the show…

Remote Control

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