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Torchwood High - Chapter 2

Title: Torchwood High

Chapter: 2

Author: Iolo1234

Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who

Size: 108,000 and growing

Pairings: Jack/Ianto mainly but many others

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, (Torchwood)

Rating: 14+ (T)

Spoilers: The story weaves through Torchwood from the beginning so there will be spoilers for all series. There are also some references to Doctor Who series. But as this is AU things won’t exactly be the same or turn out the same way.

Warnings: some sexual content including m/m and f/f relationships. There will be specific warnings on specific chapters.

Author's notes: I am trying to follow along basic plot lines from series 1 but some will have to be changed. This will move quite slowly and each chapter is likely to cover something from one day or one character's experiences. This chapter is Ianto's first real day.




Chapter 2 – For Real this Time



Ianto was in early arriving at 7.30. He was surprised to see that there were already five cars in the car park one of which belonged to the head and another to Jack Harkness; Jack drove a large black SUV. Last night after he had visited Lisa he had found himself spending less time planning for the day and reading through the pile of stuff he'd been given and more time wondering why Jack had had such an effect on him.

Ianto was aware that he was attractive as over the last year he'd had to fend off a few female colleagues. It was one of the reasons why he'd left London as well as Lisa being moved back. He felt he needed a fresh start in a new school. However, he'd never consciously felt himself being sized up by a man in the way Jack had and then he had to admit to himself that he had done the same thing with Jack. He shook his head and got out of the car and made his way firstly to the staffroom.

He walked past the head's office which was the first room other than reception as you went into the school. John Smith was sat at his desk and shouted out, 'Ianto got a minute?'

'Yes I'll just dump some of this stuff,' he replied.

'How do you like your coffee? I've got a pot.'

Ianto was very particular about his coffee and had brought in his own machine and blend to ensure he got something drinkable. It made him very popular.

'Black please and no sugar,' he shouted back.

As he stepped into the head's office he noticed that Donna Noble was already positioned in the adjoining room typing away. 'Hi Donna, busy already?'

'He likes to make sure I'm not bored. Fastest fingers in Wales these,' she said hardly pausing as she spoke.

'Sit down Ianto. I hope you approve of the coffee. Your last head mentioned you were rather particular. Donna makes great coffee using Arabica beans.'

Ianto sat down and tasted the coffee. It was almost as good as his own, almost.

'How's the coffee and try and be nice as big ears out there is listening.'

'Oi space boy watch it!' came the reply from the office.

'Space boy?' Ianto wondered and then he noticed the pictures around the room all of them were of planets and star systems and one of the Next Generation cast. He smiled.

'I assume Donna has worked with you for a while then.'

'Couldn't cope without me,' was the comment from the other room.

The head laughed. 'It's true. Sometimes I feel like we're joined at the hip.'

'In your dreams space boy,' Donna retorted.

'So how are you finding it so far?' he said closing the door.

'Staff seem nice and friendly at least those I've met. I hope the students will be the same but kids are kids and we have to do the best with them. RE isn't always the most popular subject but I try to keep them interested and thinking.'

'You got yourself somewhere to live sorted out then and Lisa?' He left the question hanging in the air.

'Yes I've bought somewhere on the outskirts of Newport near the M4 and I'll go to see Lisa on the way home three times a week but there's little change. She isn't brain dead so there's hope but…..' Ianto felt himself choking back the tears and he didn't want to do this in front of his new head.

'Its okay Ianto don't worry I won't say anything unless you want me to. I haven't told Jack who's in charge of staff welfare but you'll find he's a good listener despite appearances to the contrary. He lives your way too. Perhaps you could car share – saving the planet and all that.'

Ianto felt himself going red and wondered what the Head was implying. He coughed and swallowed down the last of the coffee.

'I'll get off to my room now John and sort out my things ready for briefing at 8.45. I've got a year 10 form so I don't start with them until 11. That'll be the blind leading the blind then with their timetables.'

'They're all ready in the main office so there shouldn't be any problems.'

Just then there was a knock at the door and a head looked round; it was Jack.

'John – just smelt the coffee.' He paused and looked at Ianto. He'd been right God he looked good in a suit.

'Come in Jack I'll pour you a mug. Is Martha in yet?'

'Yes her car's there. Ianto could you give her a shout on the way to your room? Thanks.'

'Ianto's bought a house near you Jack. I suggested you might want to car share.' As he said it he raised his eyebrows.

'Don't scare him John. He's only been here a day!' Jack replied laughing

Ianto got out of the room fast. 'I'll let Martha know on my way.'

As he was walking he met Gwen who was talking to a Japanese woman Ianto had noticed yesterday in the staffroom. She was very striking and wearing a beautiful bright red shirt and black trousers.

'Hi Gwen. I'm just off to my room to get sorted. I've got those schemes of work for you for year 8 RE so come and get them when you want.' He then thought he should introduce himself and put out his hand.

'Hi I'm Ianto Jones we didn't get chance to speak yesterday but I'm very keen on getting more ICT into RE lessons.'

'Good let me know what you need. I'm Tosh by the way Toshiko Sato.'

Jack appeared behind him.

'There's nothing that this woman can't do with a computer. Sorry to interrupt but I just thought I'd get Martha myself. See you later.'

He saw the contents of Ianto's bag.

'A coffee machine of your very own! I know a good home for that. My office is next door to yours.'

That would mean that he would get to see more of Ianto. He strode off towards Martha's office and found her looking at pictures of wedding dresses on the internet.

'I think that one.' He said looking over her shoulder. Martha jumped 'God Jack how do you manage to sneak up on people so easily?'

'Military training,' he replied and winked. 'Tear yourself away John wants to see us before briefing and he has coffee.'

Martha stroked the face of her fiancée Tom on the photograph on her desk and got up to go with Jack to see the head.

During briefing Ianto began to get to know the names of the other staff. Owen Harper he discovered was head of PE, not a surprise considering some of his comments. He was also introduced to Jenny Johnson head of languages and Aidan Evans who was in charge of Technology. The head also announced that they were going to go for several new initiatives this year. It sounded like it was going to be busy and he hadn't even met a student yet.

The morning seemed to pass in a blur of activity. There would be one lesson that afternoon. Ianto thought 'starting with a lesson five first but at least it was only year 7 so hopefully it would be straightforward.' Before then he had his new year 10 form to meet. There were twenty seven of them and then there was the first full school assembly. He knew that his form had been told where to register so he waited. He talked to a few staff during the morning. Gwen had gone through the year 8 stuff and they'd shared a few anxieties. Gwen had a boyfriend Rhys who managed a haulage firm. She'd explained that it was good to have someone who didn't work in the same job as you. Lisa had been a teacher as well so Ianto understood what she meant. He and Lisa had met during their teacher training at Cardiff.

Tosh popped in to discuss the technology available to him. The new virtual learning environment meant that all sorts of work could be done on line. Tosh was an obvious enthusiast and Ianto knew she'd be a great help in making religious education seem more sexy and relevant.

Jack had appeared at his door a few times with no apparent reason just checking on the new staff. He looked different in a suit and none to comfortable but still Ianto thought very handsome.

Suddenly it all began. The bell rang and Ianto heard voices on the corridor. He got up and went to the door – a queue was forming. As he stood in the doorway the questions began.

'Are you our new tutor Sir?'

'Where are you from Sir?'

'What's your name?'

'Are you married Sir?'

'How old are you?'

'Do you have any kids Sir?'

'Which team do you support?'

'What subject do you teach?'

Pupils always had endless questions. He saw some of the girls nudging and whispering.

'You fancy him you do.'

'Well he is fit isn't he?'

Then there was a voice among them.

'Come on girls less gossiping please lots to do.' Jack had appeared all smiles and jollity.

'Aye, aye Captain,' one of them replied.

'And you can cut out the smart comments Miss Evans.'

Ianto got them in and sat them down.

'Okay everyone let's have some quiet and I'll answer a few of your questions and try to ask a few of my own. My name is Mr Jones.'

'Are you any relation to Miss Jones Sir?'

'No I'm not. It's not exactly an uncommon name round here.' There were two Jones' on his form list.

'As I was saying I'm Mr Jones and I'm the new head of RE.'

There were a few mutters and a comment whispered between two girls.

'Told you that you should have done RE. I'll get to look at him for over three hours s week.'

Ianto smiled. He was used to this. He had developed strategies for dealing with it.

'I'm from Newport but I am a City fan – Cardiff that is and they're doing well mostly, especially after buying Chopra; could be a bit more consistent though.'

It was always a way to get the boys on side knowing about football.

'The rest of the questions need to wait; now timetables. I'll shout out the names and then you can get your timetable and write it in your planner. After you've done that I want you to find out five things about the person sat next to you and then I can find out all about you.'

'What about the other teachers Sir, don't you want to know about them?'

Ianto would have loved to get an answer but thought no that would be unprofessional.

The hour passed in a flurry of questions, admin and homework planners, not to mention trying to learn names.

'Not a bad lot,' he thought. 'They could certainly be worse.'

The bell went for lunchtime. Ianto made his way to the staffroom and got his lunch. He found himself talking to Tosh and Jack came in and handed him a coffee.

'I hope you don't mind I used your lovely machine as it's in my office.'

It wasn't a bad effort Ianto thought.

In the afternoon it was the first full school assembly. There was a proper school hall with a stage and chairs. It seemed huge until over nine hundred bodies began to fill up the space. They came in very well. Jack stood erect with hands behind his back at the lectern on the stage. He looked impressive. When everyone was in and quiet the head appeared and stood in Jack's place. His speech was well thought out; full of praise for all of the previous years achievements, of how well year 11 had done. He welcomed the new year 7s and told the new year 11 that they needed to begin to look to their futures. There was a small sixth form group who were reminded of the exams that they would have to face as well. Ianto was looking forward to getting some 'A' level work. Then came the embarrassing bit as Ianto and Gwen were introduced and all heads looked their way. He could hear more comments about how glad some were that they'd chosen RE. Jack kept the years 10 to 13 back to have the exam pep talk and lay out the activities and help available to them. His manner was easy; he'd taught some of their parents and he was obviously well liked. Ianto jumped when he heard his name and realised it was time to return to the form room. He'd been distracted.

His first lesson with year 7 was great and passed in a blur of registers, name learning, games and planning what they'd be studying. He found that they had varied religious knowledge but did know a few stories. They would be starting with different beliefs. Ianto had been a believer before Lisa but now he wasn't sure what he believed. Finally the bell went for the end of the day – three thirty and he sat down at his desk fairly exhausted. 'Only another eight weeks until half term,' he thought and smiled. Gwen appeared soon after.

'How was it for you?' she asked.

'Fairly painless really; I've had worse and you?'

'Not bad – I've got a year 8 form. I think there are a couple of boys and one girl might need watching but yeah I've survived my first day.'

Ianto had to get off quickly as it was a day to visit Lisa so he made his excuses to go.

'Sorry Gwen, I've got an appointment so I'll have to love you and leave you.'

He grabbed his bag and hurried off. He heard Jack behind him talking to Gwen.

Jack wondered where Ianto was off to in such a hurry.

'Said he had an appointment,' Gwen explained.

Jack watched him walk quickly down the corridor and though the doors.

'Oh well,' he thought, 'tomorrow is another day.'


Author's Notes for British Schools

Year 7 is the first year starting at 11 year old to Year 11 who are 15-16 years old. Year 11s do GCSEs as exams

Sixth form/years 12 & 13 do 'A' level exams

ICT is information and communication technology = computers

SLT is the management team

If you are not sure feel free to ask.



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