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Torchwood High - Chapter 3

Title: Torchwood High

Chapter: 3

Author: Iolo1234

Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who

Size: 108,000 + and growing

Pairings: Jack/Ianto mainly but many others

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, (Torchwood). Others from Doctor Who.

Rating: PG-13 but read warnings

Warnings: some sexual content including m/m, f/f and m/f The issue of child abuse is mentioned here as well.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters as they belong to Russell T Davies and the BBC but I do get to play with them.

Author’s Note: Sorry this is a long one sort of based on the episodes pre Cyberwoman which is up next. There is a little bit of bad language at the end which I felt was necessary. There will be some difficult issues dealt with in this story as schools have to deal with real life. I hope no one will be offended by some of the themes used. Teachers have to deal with all sorts of things affecting pupils.



Chapter 3 – the Green eyed monster


A few weeks had gone by and Ianto felt settled and happy. He'd had a few minor problems with pupils and the paperwork seemed to be endless but he felt things were going well and he could see how the school and its staff were working together. Ianto knew that this wasn't always the case in schools.

There had been no change in Lisa and he was still visiting twice during the week and on Sundays. The trouble was he knew that this was becoming a duty. He was beginning to think that he was more worried that she might wake up rather than she might stay that way forever. He hated himself for feeling like this.

He'd made friends with Tosh; they had bonded over a computer. Ianto had always been interested in developing ICT in RE. He knew that Ofsted had commented generally that it was underused in the subject and he wanted his department to be innovative. They'd spent several hours already discussing plans and they were meeting again tonight. Tosh was beginning to open up about herself and Ianto did feel a bit guilty about not telling her about Lisa, but for now that was his secret.

Playing football after school on Fridays had meant that he got to know Owen Harper a bit as well. He had expected the typical unreconstructed PE teacher but Owen was more complicated than that; for one thing, unlike many male PE teachers, he was able to laugh at himself, as well as others. He also got on well with Jack which surprised Ianto. He'd expected Owen to be the 'backs against the wall type' but he wasn't. He knew that Owen was divorced but didn't have kids and that Tosh had once had a thing for him. He could also play football and threw himself into tackles. Ianto wasn't bad but wasn't a show off. Owen was a typical centre forward and not very good at losing. Mind you he didn't do that very often.

And then there was Jack. Jack was something else. Ianto had never met anyone like him. He didn't think that he had ever admired anyone so much so quickly. Jack sauntered down corridors with ease. Ianto hadn't heard a bad word about him spoken by either pupil or teacher. A winning smile and some gentle coaxing usually got the pupils where they were supposed to be. Ianto had only heard him raise his voice once when a pupil in a crowded dining room had left his rubbish all over the table and Jack had asked him to go back and remove it. The pupil had continued walking and Jack had shouted.

‘Lewis, I assume that you would like to eat again in this room, so as your mother isn't here to pick up after you, you'd better do it yourself.'

Lewis had turned around muttering but picked up the rubbish. Jack had ruffled his hair as he went past and Ianto had waited for some comment but Lewis just smiled in a good natured way and walked off. It was all over in a matter of minutes.

Ianto was sat in his classroom. He'd been on duty at break so what he needed now was a cup of coffee. However, he could hear Gwen in Jack's office so he didn't want to just barge in. He was also curious about their conversation and he couldn't help but listen to see if he could go in or not.

'Stop worrying Gwen, its one class and you've only been teaching a few weeks. Stop being so hard on yourself.'

'I know Jack and I didn't expect it to be easy. There are a few who are determined to have a go but I'm dealing with them and Rose has been a great help, but this lad is making it impossible and I can feel myself getting angry at him and I'm worried that I'm going to lose it.'

'This isn't meant to be harsh Gwen but you've been able to hide behind the authority of a uniform. In this job we don't have that luxury. We have to be actors. The difference is we have to write, perform and review the plays and sometimes do five different ones in a day. For some of us its second nature, as we've been doing it for years, but your task is harder. You have to learn all this new stuff and deal with the pupils and all their individual needs. It's hard. Some days you just want to scream with frustration. Some of the brightest pupils let you down and that for me is the hardest one to deal with.

I taught this boy's Mum. She got pregnant at sixteen. She was a nice enough kid but not exactly endowed with brains. She doesn't know how to help him but we've managed to keep him on the more or less straight and narrow for the last few years. I'll talk to Rose about him myself but it would be better if you were able to deal with him. It may be we won't succeed, as you're not alone with your concerns. You have him this afternoon don't you? I know sex education isn't the easiest topic to do but it is part of the year 9 PD programme. What are you doing?'

'They have to do problem page answers so I've been cutting some out of teen mags for them to answer. I haven't chosen anything too detailed and they're working in groups so we'll see. Thanks Jack. I'd better get on and prepare. Are you doing that observation of the year 10 Law class on Friday morning?'

'Yes I'll be in then. Now don't worry. You have the makings of a good teacher Gwen and I admire anyone who gives up a steady job with prospects for this one.'

Jack gave her a brief hug and Gwen got up and left.

Jack did think that Gwen could teach as he had listened to her from his office; her room was directly across from his but it was hard to do what she'd done by leaving a steady job and he admired her courage. The year 9 group were not the easiest and not everyone could handle teaching the sex and drug section of the PD programme. He hoped she would persevere. As he was sat there the vision that was Ianto Jones in a black pinstripe suit appeared in the doorway.

'Am I okay to get some coffee Jack?'

'Yes sorry you could have come in earlier.'

'It's okay I heard you in with Gwen so I didn't want to interrupt.'

Ianto wondered whether Jack would mention Gwen's problem but professional as ever he didn't.

'Do you want one as well Jack?' Ianto asked.

'Yeah that would be good. How are you doing we haven't had much chance to speak for a couple of days.'

'I'm good and really enjoying it. Getting the ICT stuff started has been interesting and Tosh is amazing. We're meeting again tonight after school.'

'You've spent a lot of time together.' Ianto thought there was an edge to Jack's voice. 'Was he jealous? And why did that thought please him?' He swallowed his coffee and made no comment.

'How are the sixth form classes going? I know you were worried about moving up to 'A' level teaching.'

'Lot's of research needed but it's different. I need to learn not to go off at a tangent as the pupils are good at doing that but Philosophy was my second subject at Cardiff.'

The bell went.

'Is that the time. I'd better get things sorted in my room if I'm going to get time for lunch. I hate leaving things in a mess.' As he said it he looked at the piles of stuff on Jack's desk and shuddered. Jack saw him.

'Mmm, perhaps I need to have a sort out!'

Ianto got up and went next door. As the corridors were cleared of pupils he put some music on and joined in singing. Jack appeared at the door.

'I didn't know you could sing Ianto. We do a concert at Christmas among the staff for the students. I'll have to let Idris know we have another victim – sorry volunteer. Perhaps you could sing with me and Tosh.'

Ianto didn't want to appear stand offish so murmured, 'possibly?' He grabbed his keys and went to the staffroom where he sat next to Tosh and Jenny Johnson, head of languages. He knew Jenny was well thought of and she had a fearsome reputation among the pupils. She had that presence, like Jack, that some teachers just exuded.

After 15 minutes Jack came in and shouted across the room. 'Idris we have another singer; Ianto here has a great voice. I was thinking that he, Tosh and I could do a number. Any ideas?'

'Well the theme is songs from the movies this year and ……… I know what about the triplets song from Bandwagon. You three would look just lovely in baby bonnets.'

Ianto's face was a picture. 'I don't think I know that number.'

'It'll be on you tube I expect. You know it don't you Jack?' Jack suddenly burst into song

'How I wish I had a gun,

a widdle gun.

It would be fun to shoot the other two

and be only one.'

'Ah,' said Idris, 'perhaps we'd need to change some of the lyrics! Are you and the PE lads still up for Greased Lightening Owen?'

'Yeah I suppose so but we'll need a car!'

'And Jenny I've got the perfect Marlene Dietrich number for you if you're up for it.'

Jenny sighed. 'I always get typecast every year. Will I ever get something upbeat and fluffy?'

'Okay I'll think about it but I can't see you singing Summer Loving with Jack.'

'Now that might be fun.' Jack added.

Gwen joined in the conversation. 'Hey Jack perhaps you and I could do that one.'

Ianto sighed quietly and began to wonder again about Jack and Gwen.

All too soon the bell went. Ianto had his sixth form group all afternoon and he really enjoyed teaching these 15 students. They had so many questions and ideas; the difficulty was getting them to write the notes in between the discussions.

During the afternoon Ianto heard some raised voices coming from across the corridor and a door slamming. He wondered if he should go out but then he saw Rose Tyler appear through the window in the door and she took away one of the boys. Rose was in charge of years 9 and 10.

Just after the bell went and the corridor was cleared Ianto heard Gwen's voice.

'I don't think I can do this Jack. It was all I could manage not to lay hands on him. I lost my temper. He was ignorant and rude. The sexual language he used was crude and disgusting. I don't want him there anymore; I want him out. I know he can be a problem elsewhere so why do we still have him here? He seems to be able to get away with all sorts.'

'Did he say anything inappropriate to you or swear at you?' asked Jack calmly.

'No it wasn't that. They were doing these answers to the problem page letters and his was full of sexual language even though I deliberately gave him one about teenage spots. Somehow he made something sexual about that. He's obsessed Jack. Everything he says is derogatory. What's going to be done Jack?'

The problem was that Jack knew why Jamie behaved as he did. Very few staff were in the know. This was always a judgement call to protect the student. Jamie had been sexually abused some time ago by his uncle. He was having treatment but his whole attitude had become very sexualised. This happened in some victims. Jack needed to talk to John and Rose about this boy. He knew that Jamie needed to have the sex education lessons to begin to normalise things for him but he was obviously acting out in front of Gwen. Jack decided not to tell Gwen yet but perhaps he would withdraw him for now. He needed to speak to Jamie's Mum to see how the treatment was going and he needed to talk to Jamie. He couldn't be allowed to continue to do this as Gwen needed support too.

Gwen sat looking at Jack and there were tears in her eyes.

'Your first year of teaching will be the hardest of your life Gwen and you've only done a few weeks. Give yourself a break. Go home and cuddle on the sofa with Rhys.'

'I can't. We had a row this morning about how much work I'm doing and he texted me to say that he was taking a lorry to Glasgow.'

'Ah, that probably wouldn't have helped your mood this afternoon.'

'No,' Gwen admitted, 'it didn't. What am I going to do?' Jack got up and crossed the office to where Gwen was sitting.

'You're going to go home and put on a soppy film, have a cry and come back in the morning. You know I'm here for you.'

Gwen got up and hugged Jack. Jack kissed her forehead and let her have a cry for a while. Just as he kissed her Ianto walked past the office on his way to see Tosh.

'Bloody hell I was right she is after him and Jack isn't exactly fighting her off. And only last week he couldn't keep his eyes of me!'

Jack saw Ianto go past. He also saw the look in Ianto's eyes. 'Interesting,' he thought.

'Go home Gwen,' he said 'and don't work too hard tonight.'

Ianto almost stormed into the office in the centre of the ICT area. Tosh was sat there. Ianto spoke before he had composed himself.

'Bloody Jack Harkness he's all over Gwen in his office.'

Tosh misinterpreted his words. 'I didn't realise that you fancied her Ianto. I thought she had a boyfriend. Are you sure about Jack you know what he's like? He's always been a bit touchy feely.'

'Ignore me, I'm just being stupid.' Ianto tried to change the subject, 'right let's go through what we've done so far.'

They settled down and went through the setting up of an RE area in the school's VLE.

'How are you finding it being back in the homeland Ianto? Have you got all your boxes opened yet? I know when I moved I still had some there after six months so I figured I didn't need the stuff in them and threw them away.'

Ianto thought of his organised shelves of DVDs, CDs and books. Each was sorted. The DVDs were in categories, the CDs in order of purchase and the books in alphabetical order by author. Ianto couldn't stand anything being out of place. He'd wondered if he had OCD but really he just liked to be organised.

'No I'm sorted. It's a bit of a thing of mine. You must come round sometime and we could have that game of chess you were on about. You said you had no-one to play with as Tommy was away. Tommy, Ianto had discovered, was Tosh's boyfriend. He had been posted to Afghanistan four months ago. Jack had introduced them.

'I'd like that. We'll have to find an evening. I think that's enough for now. I've got to do some work on the setting up of an on line programme for sex education. I'm meeting the new school nurse, Mary Lloyd-Evans tomorrow to discuss what should be on it. So that'll be interesting.' Ianto got up.

'Okay Tosh thanks for all this I really appreciate all the time you've given up. I'll see you tomorrow.'

The next day he arrived in the staffroom to find Gwen head to head with Jack. Jack looked up and smiled at Ianto and then he left without saying anything.

'I'm so glad Jack is here. He's been so helpful and understanding and he doesn't think I'm an idiot. The way everyone is with him. He's really something special isn't he Ianto.' Gwen was quite flushed as she spoke.

Grudgingly Ianto replied 'he's certainly popular with some people.'

Ianto shook himself. He was behaving like an idiot. What right did he have to be jealous and why was he even thinking this way? The pressure of Lisa's condition must be getting to him. There was also, of course, the lack of sex. It had been over twelve months now. He'd not been short of offers but he'd always declined and here he was seemingly jealous of Jack's interest in Gwen.

Later at lunch he met the new school nurse who came in with Tosh. She was blonde and bubbly. She really seemed to have taken a shine to Tosh and was singing her praises. After she left Ianto teased Tosh a little.

'She seems to have become your number one fan very quickly.'

Tosh looked a little embarrassed and flustered and Ianto felt guilty.

'Yeah she's nice, we spent a few hours sorting out the database this morning and we're meeting again. She asked if I fancied a drink tomorrow night and I said yes. I think we're both a bit lonely. It'll be nice to get out for a change.'

Gwen came in with Jack and Ianto's face said exactly how he was feeling.

'Seems I'm not the only one who's a bit lonely. Now the question is are you angry that Gwen is with Jack or that Jack is with Gwen?' Tosh looked amused and then concerned as she saw Ianto's face.

'Can we go out a minute there's something I need to tell you?' They went to Tosh's office.

'It's not that simple Tosh. I don't know where my head is at the moment. I find myself being jealous that Jack is spending time with Gwen. I saw him hugging her yesterday. But that isn't the real problem. Look, I have a girlfriend, Lisa, but she was in an accident over twelve months ago and she's been in a coma ever since. Only John knows and now you. Sorry to drop it on you but I need a friend. I think I hoped that Jack might be that friend but he's occupied elsewhere obviously.'

'Oh Ianto, I really don't know what to say. Let's have that game tonight and we can have pizza and pig out a bit.'

'That sounds good to me. I'll see you later.' The bell went again for the afternoon to begin.

'For the next week or so it seemed to Ianto that every time he saw Jack Gwen was with him. She was there in his office in the morning and at the end of the day. She was sat next to him at lunch if he was in the staffroom. He could hear her laughing and talking to Jack from his room and he knew he felt jealous. He also felt he couldn't get a cup of coffee when he wanted which was really quite frustrating. Then that evening he'd been in the car park and once again he could see Jack leaning into Gwen's car; 'surely they weren't kissing,' he thought.

He'd done a mountain of marking that night and gone to bed exhausted. He lay with his eyes closed tightly and he could feel small delicate kisses starting at the top of his chest and moving downwards. He moaned and opened his eyes. He'd expected to see Lisa's smile and beautiful brown eyes looking down at him but instead there, totally naked, with stars dancing in his deep blue eyes was Jack. My God that smile. Ianto jerked awake from his sleep and breathed heavily. His state of arousal was obvious.

'What the fuck was that about,' he thought, and how was he going to look Jack in the eye the next day.





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