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Torchwood High - Chapter 7 Part 1 - Day

Title: Torchwood High

Chapter: 7 part 1 - Day

Author: Iolo1234

Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who

Size: 108,000 + and growing

Pairings: Jack/Ianto mainly but many others

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, (Torchwood). Others from Doctor Who.

Rating: PG - 14

Spoilers: The story weaves through Torchwood from the beginning so there will be spoilers for all series. There are also some references to Doctor Who series. But as this is AU things won’t exactly be the same or turn out the same way.

Warnings: some sexual content including m/m, f/f and m/f

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters as they belong to Russell T Davies and the BBC but I do get to play with them.

Author’s note: This is a huge chapter and I have split it into three parts – day – evening – night. The third part strays into M territory a bit although not as much as the original version!




Chapter 7 – Christmas is coming


Part 1 - Day


It was the last day of term. For a change Ianto went straight to the staffroom instead of to his room. He hadn’t trusted himself to be alone with Jack after what had nearly happened in Jack’s office. The day after he couldn’t face Jack. He’d spent a lot of that evening with Lisa. He was there out of guilt. He knew he’d rather be with Jack doing anything, cuddling up on a sofa and watching some old film, just so he could be near him.

Lisa had talked about Christmas and their future and he didn’t know what else. He hoped he’d said yes and no in the right places. She was still in the wheelchair but her legs were improving and her strength was returning. She would be at her parents for Christmas and Ianto was expected to join them over the holidays. All he could think, however, was that Jack was going to be leaving almost immediately in January and he might not see him, except for a few days. With every new death reported Ianto just thought how easily it could be Jack, and it terrified him.

The staffroom began to fill up. Tosh came to sit with him.

‘Are you ready for our performance today? Are you and Jack going to be OK?’

‘We’re not really OK but I can’t talk here. We’ll get through it and look lovely in our bonnets. Are you sorted for tonight? I’m getting a taxi. I can pick you up if you want.’

‘It’s OK I’m coming with Mary,’ Tosh replied.

Tosh looked a bit embarrassed. She hadn’t really talked about what was happening to Ianto as she didn’t want to appear to be rubbing his nose in it.

‘Ah,’ said Ianto. ‘I did wonder when she was there when I phoned you.’

‘We can’t talk here Ianto you’re right. Tonight, we’ll find some time.’

‘If I can get you away!’ Tosh blushed.

Gwen, Aidan, and Jenny came in and sat at the table followed by Owen who forced a space next to Gwen. Ianto thought the staff Christmas do was going to be interesting, Owen and Gwen, Tosh and Mary, Jack and himself, all secret relationships known only to a few, mixed with food, drink and dancing. Some staff were bringing partners but not many. John was coming platonically with Donna but Ianto had noticed Rose Tyler watching him so who knew what might happen.

John, Jack and Martha came in together for briefing. As it was the last day of term it was dress as you please. Staff had dressed down. Ianto knew he shouldn’t but he was wearing the same pair of black jeans and red t-shirt that he’d worn on that first day. He knew Jack would notice. He’d also planned his outfit carefully for that evening. Jack had come in wearing his old fashioned World War II look, complete with braces and long coat. Ianto loved that coat; he loved the noise it made as Jack strode down the corridor and the way Jack pushed it back when he stood with his hands on his hips. Ianto stared and Jack caught his eye and smiled.

Jack too had plans for that evening. He’d had enough of being a good guy; tonight he was going to seduce Ianto Jones before time ran out. He too could see the days slipping by, and there were things he wanted to do with Ianto before time was up, and who knew what might happen.

‘OK everyone,’ John began. ‘We’ve made it through another long term. Well done everyone as lots of things have been achieved. We’ve been given healthy schools status and investor in people recognition. In fact, the letter head is so crowded now there soon won’t be any room to put the school name on it. Right today, we’ll see how many turn up but as they know that they’ll see their teachers making fools of themselves, we’re expecting most to turn in. Idris are we all sorted?’

‘Yes boss, all acts are as ready as they’re going to be – ay Owen?’

Owen just looked down and shook his head slowly.

‘Jack, Ianto and Tosh look lovely in their bonnets and Jenny has a lovely suit courtesy of Ianto. Lastly, we’re all looking forward to your duet with Donna, although you still haven’t let me know what you’re doing.’

‘Yes, Donna and I are word perfect, if not note perfect, and I have the tape for you here. On to tonight’s arrangements; are we all sorted Aidan?’

‘Yes, we arrive at seven for dinner at seven thirty. The disco starts about nine thirty and we finish between twelve and one. It’s formal dress only with ties gentlemen. Lastly, we’ve booked one of the hotel minibuses to ferry people home. That’s it I think.’

‘OK everyone have a good day. The concert begins at ten thirty. I’m sure that all the films being shown until then will be totally educational in nature!’

Jack turned to Martha.

‘How come you aren’t singing?’

‘I am,’ she replied. ‘I’m singing with the choir. We’re doing the World is a Circle’

‘Oh no,’ said Jack. ‘I’ll be humming that all day.’

The bell went and staff got up. Ianto deliberately walked past Jack and then bent down to pick up his bag. He knew the effect he would have and he knew what he was planning for later. He’d had enough of being good and avoiding the situation. Life was for living, forget guilt, as who knew what was ahead. Somehow tonight was going to be the night.

Jack watched Ianto move and those jeans! Suddenly Jack felt his jaw being pushed up and his mouth closed. Jack turned to see John smiling at him.

‘Stop it,’ John said as Jack came back to real life.

‘What, yeah OK John.’ Then Jack thought ‘perhaps it wasn’t going to be as difficult to seduce Ianto after all. God he looked good in those jeans!’

By ten thirty everyone was gathered in the hall. Staff were running around in last minute arrangements. Ianto’s performance with Jack and Tosh was in the middle of the concert and he’d also agreed, at the last minute, to sing with Martha and the choir, to add a bit of baritone contrast.

First up was Owen, the other male PE staff and the GCSE PE boys singing Greased Lightening. They were dressed in orange overalls given to them by the engineering students. The car was made out of cardboard and certainly wasn’t automatic, systematic or hydromatic. They sang well except for some forgetting of words and the comedic value of the car was exploited to the full.

Jenny, dressed in a black suit, sang Falling in Love Again, vamping it up for all she was worth in a tasteful way. The kids cheered everyone. There were a few others and then Jack, Ianto and Tosh. They were hidden behind a screen and dressed in white baby bonnets. Jack let his hand stray to Ianto’s knee and Ianto didn’t stop him.

‘Gentlemen could we concentrate please,’ said Tosh. The music started and they one by one they appeared above the screen and sang the Triplets song. The kids laughed all the way through and cheered at the end. They took their bows and ran off. In the wings Jack turned to Ianto.

‘I hope you’re not teasing me Ianto. I noticed the bending over in those jeans. You did that on purpose.’

‘Not teasing Jack and yes I knew….. Later tonight we need to talk.’

‘We need to do more than that.’

‘I know Jack. I’ve thought about very little else for weeks and finally I know.’

Jack’s grin could have lit up Cardiff. Tonight was going to be wonderful if he had anything to do with it. Jack went away humming the World is a Circle as Ianto rushed back on stage to sing with Martha and the choir.

Gwen had done her song with Sarah Jane and then it was the final performance. John and Donna were doing ‘Anything you can do I can do better’. They were a scream, especially as Donna dead panned her way through it, while John put everything into his performance. In the end all the performers were back on stage to sing White Christmas.

Pupils went back to their forms and then were dismissed. Staff returned to the staffroom for turkey butties and cream cakes. There was also the secret Santa draw. Each member of staff had to buy a gift worth less than five pounds for whoever they’d pulled out of the hat. Gwen’s was first; Aidan had bought her something from the Body Shop. Martha got a home made calendar of pictures of all the TV doctors past and present looking as sexy as possible. Jack always got something controversial and this year Donna had bought his. He opened it to find it was a bag of pasta and he cried laughing when he saw what shape it was. He looked at the name –‘penis pasta’. Perhaps he could make Carbonara for Ianto using it. He showed the bag to him and Ianto blushed. Jack thought he looked so cute. Tosh had bought Ianto’s present. He opened it to find a bag of coffee – the good stuff. He knew someone had spent more than they should. John opened his to find a signed photograph of Jean-Luc Picard. Jack had a friend who had a friend who’d got it for him. John was thrilled.

The food was eaten and people began to drift away. Ianto was carrying his work for the holiday to his car when Jack caught up with him. He stood behind him and whispered quietly.

‘Later Ianto Jones. I’ve so many plans for you. Get some rest as you’ll need it.’ Ianto just shivered in anticipation and nodded. He didn’t know whether to be scared or excited but he knew that he couldn’t wait for the evening to come.




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