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fic: In the Light of Day

Title: In the Light of Day
Rating: R
Words: 2,600
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Genre: Angst, dark!fic
Spoilers: Cyberwoman
Disclaimer: All the wishing in the world won’t make Torchwood mine.
Beta: teleens_journal 
Summary: There was so much demand for a continuation to my dark!fic, When Morning Comes, that I decided to write this. Ianto has to cope with his betrayals, but eventually even the darkest secrets have to see the light of day.

Thank you everyone who commented last time and wanted more. Plot!bunny credit goes to ladyoni whose comment put the idea for this sequel into my head. This installment is part two of what is now a three part series. Part 3 will be posted Monday.
Tags: fanfic

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