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Torchwood High Chapter 7 - Part 3 - Night  

Title: Torchwood High

Chapter: 7 part 3 - Night

Author: Iolo1234

Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who

Size: 108,000 + and growing

Pairings: Jack/Ianto mainly but many others

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, (Torchwood). Others from Doctor Who.

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: The story weaves through Torchwood from the beginning so there will be spoilers for all series. There are also some references to Doctor Who series. But as this is AU things won’t exactly be the same or turn out the same way.

Warnings: some sexual content including m/m, f/f and m/f

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters as they belong to Russell T Davies and the BBC but I do get to play with them.

Author’s Note: This part contains M/M and F/F activity if you don’t like that sort of thing - in the words of Captain John – oh dear. I had to stray a bit into M rating to explain what’s happening as this is a big night, especially for Jack and Ianto. You can let your imagination run riot, however you want it to!



Part 3 – the night


The music ended and people began to drift off. Jack, Ianto, Mary and Tosh shared a taxi home. They dropped Mary and Tosh off at Mary’s house and then went onto Jack’s. Ianto hadn’t been there before. He was surprised to find that Jack lived in an older, Victorian detached house.

‘I was left some money and I like my privacy, for obvious reasons.’

There were large trees at the front of the house with a drive to the door. Inside the decoration was simple but the house was packed with things.

‘Ah, I’m a bit of a collector.’ Suddenly there was a noise from the kitchen of scrabbling against the door.

‘What on earth is that?’ Ianto asked.

‘That’s Myfanwy. She’ll be eager to meet you.’ Jack opened the kitchen door and was jumped by a large Spaniel determined to lick her owner to death.

‘I didn’t know you had a dog Jack.’

‘Lots you don’t yet know about me Ianto. I’m hoping that by tomorrow we’ll both be more familiar with each other. Ok girl that’s enough.’ He poured some biscuits into a bowl and then shut the door.

‘Now Ianto Jones, it’s just you and me.’


Tosh and Mary had gone inside and kicked off their shoes. They’d fallen into the room both rather worse for wear, having danced the night away and consumed rather a lot of alcohol. They went into the kitchen and Mary was leaning against the table as Tosh put her arms around her, pulled her close and kissed her.

‘Is that a sign of things to come?’ asked Mary.

‘I certainly hope so,’ replied Tosh, twisting Mary’s hair in her fingers. ‘Didn’t you mention that you wanted to try something a bit different? Well I’ve probably drunk enough now to let you do anything and not care. But first I must go to the loo or there’s going to be a puddle.’

‘I’ll meet you up there,’ Mary replied, wondering if she could really go through with what she’d planned and how Tosh would react.

Mary followed Tosh grabbing her bum from behind as they climbed the stairs. She knew that Tosh was deliberately giving her time to get ready. She dimmed the lights. They weren’t off all together as she wanted to see Tosh sitting above her, enjoying herself.

Tosh came back in. She still felt a bit giddy and excited wondering what Mary had in mind. She’d always been a bit conservative where sex was concerned – missionary position and all that, but Mary had opened up a whole new set of experiences. Tosh would never have worn the lingerie she had on now unless Mary had bought it for her. Under her red dress she was wearing a red silk camisole and matching shorts. She was also wearing beautiful stockings with red lace at the top. She’d removed her dress in the bathroom and came in wearing just her underwear.

Mary watched her enter the room and thought ‘wow’. Tosh hadn’t let her see what she looked like earlier as she had kept her underwear secret too.

‘My God Tosh you look incredible, in fact good enough to eat.’

Tosh did a twirl and wiggled her hips shamelessly.

‘Do I get to come in there with you or do you just want to look at me standing here for your delectation.’

‘Come here and get in with me beautiful, before I die of frustration.’

Mary carefully pulled back the duvet just so far without exposing herself fully. She opened her arms for Tosh to settle in.

 ‘Wow do you know what that look does to me? Although, I still think it’s a bit odd how much I like you dressed so sexily. However, I think the basque needs to be undone.’ She unhooked it at the front revealing Mary’s ample breasts as they spilled out. Mary moaned as she reached up and pulled Tosh in for a kiss, throwing her head back so Tosh could kiss her neck. They made love taking time to satisfy each other over the next few hours, trying out some things they hadn’t done before. Eventually, Tosh had fallen down on top of Mary, kissing her in between trying to take in gulps of air. She laid down panting next to Mary who was doing the same. Neither was capable of speech for some moments, until Tosh turned to Mary and said quietly, ‘thank you, that was wonderful.’ Mary reached over and opened the drawer in the bedside cabinet and then closed it with a smile knowing the contents could be used again. They lay in each others arms quietly until they fell asleep totally exhausted.


Jack pushed Ianto back against the wall in the hall. He kissed him hard and felt his own and Ianto’s bodies straining to reach the other.

‘What’s that bulge?’ he asked suggestively. Ianto looked embarrassed.

‘No not that one. I’m fully aware of what that is.’ He reached into Ianto’s breast pocket and pulled out a watch.

‘Ah it’s that stopwatch, again.’

‘Lots of things you can do with a stopwatch, Jack.’

‘I’m sure there are Ianto and tonight I might just try every single one of them.’ Ianto felt himself go weak at the knees.

‘Come on, I think it’s time you fulfilled your promises and came upstairs with me.’

Jack led Ianto by the hand upstairs. Jack’s bedroom was surprisingly light and painted in cream and blue. Looking at the size of the bed Ianto said ‘I might lose you in there.’

‘Well, I look forward to a game of naked hide and seek then, Ianto Jones.’ Jack sat on the side of the bed.

‘Now come over here and kiss me.’

Ianto obliged leaning down to kiss Jack as he felt Jack’s hands pushing off his jacket and undoing his shirt buttons. Both kicked off their shoes and Ianto removed the other’s jacket, all as they still locked lips. Ianto felt Jack removing the cummerbund and pulling down his zip. As his hand brushed over the straining fabric Ianto breathed in sharply and drove his tongue into Jack’s open mouth. Ianto’s trousers hit the floor and Ianto stopped kissing and stepped out of them removing his socks at the same time. Jack looked at Ianto’s Christmas boxers and laughed out loud.

‘I chose them specially,’ Ianto said.

‘So you planned this all along then? Jack asked smiling.

‘Well ……….’

Ianto pushed Jack back on the bed playfully. Jack undid his belt and zip and Ianto pulled the trousers off in one go, followed by the socks. Ianto laughed when he saw that Jack was wearing the self same boxers.

‘Great minds think alike, Jack.’

‘Or both shop at M & S!’

‘Let’s get into bed, Ianto.’

‘Yes please, Jack.’

Ianto lay down as Jack started running his hands over his chest. He pinched his nipples gently between his finger tips and Ianto moaned. Jack looked up and then moved to kiss Ianto who reached around and raked his nails down Jack’s back.

‘Are you trying to leave your mark on me Ianto? There’s no need as I’m all yours!’

‘Me too,’ Ianto whispered in Jack’s ear and then sucked the lobe, running his tongue over it slowly.

‘Now, Ianto what am I going to do with you?’

‘What ever you want Jack. I want to do anything and everything with you. Nothing’s off limits.’

‘Are you sure Ianto?’

‘Stop talking, Jack I want you so much.’

‘OK Ianto, I’ll take things slowly. Tell me to stop if you need to. I don’t want to hurt you.’

‘You could never hurt me Jack, at least I hope not.’

Jack did everything slowly and carefully. He stopped kissing Ianto and looked into his eyes questioning if he was alright.

‘I’m fine Jack that feels so ………… wow.’ Ianto almost shouted out. He’d never experienced anything like this feeling before. It was so different from being with Lisa. Ianto gasped.

‘Are you OK?’ Jack asked in a concerned tone.

‘Yes,’ Ianto answered, ‘please, please don’t stop.’ It was almost too much for Ianto to stand as both their bodies moved in harmony.

Minutes later both were gasping for air and Ianto thought that he’d just experienced the most wonderful moments of his life. Jack fell down beside him. They turned towards each other and Jack held up his arm so Ianto could lay his head down on Jack’s chest. Jack wrapped his arms around Ianto and held him like there might be no tomorrow, which both of them didn’t want to think about

‘That was amazing Jack, just amazing. I can’t tell you how I feel now. I don’t have the words’ Then rather shyly and without looking at Jack he added, ‘do I get to try that later?’

‘I look forward to it Ianto.’

This time Ianto looked up at Jack.

‘I love you Jack. Am I allowed to say that?’

‘Yes, you are, and Ianto, I love you too.’

They held on to each other and sometime later Ianto got his wish Jack was left completely sated and on cloud nine. God this man was wonderful and Jack had had some great sex in his time, but he knew that he’d just experienced something beyond anything in his past. He might be going to Afghanistan in a few weeks but he was coming back. He had this wonderful, complicated, shy and magnificent man to come home to.

As Jack fell asleep in his arms Ianto felt sleep overcoming him too. He pinched himself to check that this was real, as this beautiful man lay snoring slightly in his arms, with his head resting on his chest. Ianto knew that there was so much that he had to sort out. He wasn’t going to feel guilty any more. If he had to sneak out to be with Jack over the holidays then so be it and he would tell Lisa in the New Year, although he wouldn’t mention Jack. He wasn’t ready for that and he didn’t want to hurt Lisa any more than he was going to already. He just wanted to be happy again and this man had managed that this evening more than anyone else had ever done in his life. He closed his eyes and dreamed of swishing great coats and playing naked hide and seek.


The next day several people woke up next to someone else; some were happy and others weren’t. Ianto woke up to see Jack sleeping soundly beside him. He went downstairs and fed Myfanwy in the kitchen.

‘Good girl, you and I need to get on as I intend to be seeing a lot more of your master.’ He made some coffee and toast and took it back up to bed.

Tosh and Mary at the same time were in the shower. They went downstairs and were drinking tea when Tosh’s phone rang.

‘Tommy is that you? The line is really bad. What? You’re coming back in the New Year. That’s wonderful. OK ring me again when you know the date. I love you too. Try to ring me again at Christmas.’

Mary looked at Tosh and thought that the simple times were soon going to be over.

Gwen woke up somewhat less pleased with a thumping head and Rhys snoring in her ear. Did she really want to be with Owen? She wasn’t sure. Rhys was steady and loved her but Owen was far more exciting. She knew that some time soon she would have to choose.

John was the most surprised to find himself waking up in a strange bed. He remembered going home in a taxi with Rose. At that moment she came in.

‘Morning John I hope you slept alright in the spare bed. I’ve brought you some tea.’ John didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. He wondered where the children were and then they bounced into the room. He’d met them before when they’d come to events at school.

‘Hi Uncle John. Can we be noisy now Mum, as he’s awake?’

‘OK, just go downstairs and eat your breakfast.’

Jack opened his eyes as Ianto came in with Myfanwy following him. She jumped on the bed and licked Jack.

‘Think I could do that as well, though perhaps in more places?’ Ianto asked.

‘Ianto Jones has one night of brilliant sex turned you into an addict?’

‘Looks like it might have,’ he replied enigmatically, looking down.

‘Come here you beautiful Welshman,’ Jack answered, as Ianto once again fell into his arms.


It would be lovely to get some reviews for Chapter 7 as it’s taken me some time to write. I am working on a shortish Christmas chapter now before the start of the next term and what happens when Jack is posted.



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What's higher than an A*?? That was bloody brilliant! I'm addicted to this wonderful world of yours...thank you :D xxx
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Thanks I really appreciate your comments. More tomorrow. I intend to read yours when I get some time.
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Really amazing! love the relationship that is going on between both Jack and Ianto and Tosh and Mary, its nice to see everyone so happy (Well apart from Gwen) And aww i want Jacks dog! lol
iolo1234iolo1234 on May 13th, 2010 06:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the comment. I always have to be conscious of the fact that Jack has a dog as it's easy to forget her. Sweetness at the moment but angst by the bucketload coming soon.
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Just lovely! Always good to read some Janto happiness, and hope that Tosh will find happiness too. Great story!
iolo1234iolo1234 on May 13th, 2010 08:19 pm (UTC)
Thanks - bit of a rollercoaster ride this story. Glad you're enjoying it. More tomorrow which is reasonably fluffy.