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Hanover Street (a reel_torchwood fic)

Title - Torchwood Ave
Author – Xennie_B
Beta - Forrent
Prompt - Hanover Street
Characters/pairing(s) - Jack/Ianto.
Rating - High PG
Word count - 3,573
Warnings - None really
Spoilers - Torchwood characters and relationships. Hanover Street storyline.
Disclaimer - Neither "Torchwood" nor "Hanover Street" belong to me. I am making no money from this fic I am only borrowing the character and concepts for fun.

Summary - London 1943. It was a time when the choices were clear. A time when death was closer, so life was more precious. It was a time of courage and honour... of passion and sacrifice. This is the story of two people... swept up in that time... who met... and fell in love.

AN: Written for the reel_torchwood challenge round 2

Tags: fanfic, fanfic:pg-13

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