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Torchwood High - Chapter 9 - Leaving

Title: Torchwood High

Chapter: 9 - Leaving

Author: Iolo1234

Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who

Size: 108,000 + and growing

Pairings: Jack/Ianto mainly but many others

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, (Torchwood). Others from Doctor Who.

Rating: PG - 14

Spoilers: The story weaves through Torchwood from the beginning so there will be spoilers for all series. There are also some references to Doctor Who series. But as this is AU things won’t exactly be the same or turn out the same way.

Warnings: some sexual content including m/m, f/f and m/f

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters as they belong to Russell T Davies and the BBC but I do get to play with them.

A/N - This is set in January 2010. This is really part one of a bigger chapter covering before, during and after Jack’s time in Afghanistan. I must also apologise if I make glaring errors about military operations and the TA.



Chapter 9 – Leaving


It was 7.30 on Monday morning and Jack and Ianto were in Jack’s office drinking coffee.

‘I can’t believe that you’re going on Friday,’ Ianto said, hoping that he could hold it together.

‘Me neither. I have to report at 8.30 Friday morning and briefing is being held on Wednesday night. I’ll be able to see you Thursday night and any other time we’ve got left. I’m finishing here on Thursday morning as I need to check everything is packed properly.’

‘So we’ve got tonight, Tuesday and Thursday before you go.’

‘Yes we have but will you be able to see me?’

‘I’m hoping so. I’ll tell Lisa that it’s a busy start and Jack…..’ Ianto looked directly at Jack and held his hand. ‘I will tell her that it’s over. I can’t let things go on because they’re planning weddings and I can’t let them do that. If you’re not here then at least there won’t be any suspicion of someone else. And you Jack, you will behave yourself among all those soldiers and write and phone as often as you can.’

‘You know I will.’ He kissed Ianto quickly. ‘More later, but we are supposed to be at work and I’ve a lot to do.’

They heard footsteps coming up the corridor. The door opened and they split apart quickly. Gwen stood there grinning knowing that she’d interrupted something.

‘Hi you two, coffee up already is it? Did you have good holidays? Get up to much?’ Gwen asked all her questions with a knowing look on her face.

‘Usual sort of things Gwen,’ replied Jack, raising one eyebrow. ‘Did you have a nice time?’

‘Yes,’ she said, flashing her hand at them.

‘My God Gwen, you’re engaged. I don’t see you for a fortnight and this happens.’

‘Congratulations Gwen,’ Ianto added, feeling relieved that he wouldn’t have to worry about Gwen again.

‘So did he get down on one knee then?’ asked Jack.

‘He tried to but his back went so we were sat on the settee.’

‘So have you a date in mind? Not in the next six months I hope. What with you and Aidan, that’s if she accepted his proposal, it’s all happening and I’m going.’

‘You’ll soon be back Jack and perhaps you’ll have your own ceremony to arrange.’

Ianto looked at the floor, not daring to look at Jack. Gwen was really stirring things.

‘Don’t worry,’ Gwen continued, ‘we’ll take good care of him for you.’ Ianto went red and muttered, ‘I need to go and sort out a few things and it’s briefing in twenty minutes. See you later Jack.’

Gwen went out with him and followed Ianto into his room.

‘I meant what I said Ianto. I know how you feel about Jack. It was obvious at the Christmas meal and don’t even think about denying it.’

‘If I remember you had a thing with Owen that night,’ Ianto replied determined to get his own dig in.

‘Mmm – stupid decision, and not the first time, but over Christmas I looked at what I had and what I wanted. Let’s face it Owen is hardly father material. Rhys is going for promotion as the firm is expanding into coaches, as well as lorries, and I think I’d like a baby in a few years time. Rhys will make a great Dad. He isn’t glamorous or dangerous but he loves me and I love him. I can depend on him and he gets me away from from school and education. Anyway we’d better get a move on. Don’t want to miss briefing on the first day back.’

That first day  went in a blur of classes followed by the next few days doing the same and suddenly Thursday had arrived. Jack said goodbye to everyone at lunchtime and talked to the woman who would be in on supply. His job as pastoral head was being divided, for a bit, until they had decided who was going to take over permanently. Aidan was the one wanted but it was proving difficult to find someone to cover all his lessons in technology. Something would have to be sorted.

On Thursday night Ianto was sat in Jack’s kitchen. Jack’s pack was sat on the floor. Myfanwy was running around excitedly wagging her tail; Ianto had agreed to look after her while Jack was away. Ianto was feeling nervous; he’d never seen Jack in his uniform. He’d never spoken to Jack about his feelings about the war and now wasn’t the time for such things; he simply knew that he loved this man and would support him in whatever he did. When Jack came in Ianto didn’t really know what to think. On the one hand he discovered that he loved a man in uniform but then again that uniform was taking Jack away. He was trying desperately to be brave and hold it together but as Jack smiled at him his composure cracked and the tears welled up in his eyes. Jack moved towards him and knelt down in front of him. He reached out to hold him and Ianto put his head on Jack’s shoulder. The tears began to flow.

‘It’s OK Ianto, have a good cry if you want to. I don’t mind.’ Ianto pulled himself up and more together.

‘Sorry Jack, I didn’t mean to, it’s selfish of me but I will cope. You know me I’ll put all my emotions into their little boxes.’

Jack looked at him. ‘I don’t mean to push but when are you going to tell Lisa?’

‘In the next few weeks. I will tell her; I promise.’

‘Just make sure that it isn’t the day before I come back alright. Come on I need to get out of this uniform and for that I’ll need your help I think.’

Ianto smiled and followed Jack upstairs.

In the bedroom they fell on the bed together and kissed hungrily like it was their last night ever. Ianto didn’t want to go near the thought that it could be.

‘Be careful Ianto. I really have got to keep this uniform neat and tidy.’

‘You’d better take it off then hadn’t you?’  Jack laughed and the clothes came off none too carefully.

‘I’ll iron them for you later,’ Ianto said, as his clothes disappeared equally quickly.

They lay that night kissing and touching and talking and loving, both worrying what would happen in the next six months, and neither wanting to say. They listened to each other breathe feeling the breath on skin which aroused them both again. Eventually they slept spooned around each other, not wanting to let go, wanting to feel their skin in contact from head to toe, wanting to feel every possible sensation. They both dreamed of the moment when Jack would return safe and sound.

The alarm sounded at 6 am. Ianto was off that day and thanked God that John Smith was probably the best head in the world. He’d have the weekend to get himself together after Jack had left. Jack moaned next to him. They held on to each other and kissed again until Jack forced himself to let go and swung his legs out over the side of the bed. Ianto sat behind him kissing the back of his neck and running his fingers down his back and then around his chest, moving lower all the time. Jack pulled his hands away.

‘I’d love to Ianto, but I have to get going and make sure I leave everything properly. My stuff is boxed up and ready to go into storage, if you can meet the company later today. The tenant is picking up her keys tomorrow from the agent’s.’

Jack got up and padded naked to the shower. Ianto grabbed his uniform and went into the spare room, having put on his boxers. As promised, he ironed Jack’s uniform and watched him get dressed. They ate breakfast listening to Radio 2 until 7:30. Ianto was taking Jack to the base. Behind the door they kissed for the last time. Jack threw his bag into the back of the car and sat next to Ianto. They arrived at the base at 8:10; there were too many people around to kiss goodbye, so Jack squeezed Ianto’s thigh.

‘You know what I want to say, Ianto. You know I love you. I promise I will be back, I always come back.’

‘And I’ll be here, Jack, waiting for you. I’ll be counting the days, hours, minutes.’ Tears filled Ianto’s eyes. Jack opened the car door and grabbed his bag from the back. He closed the door and began to walk; at the gate he turned and waved. Ianto thought his heart would break and wondered how service families coped with their loved ones going away so often. He fingered the ring that Jack had given him and watched until Jack disappeared into the largest building.

He put the car into gear and drove back to Jack’s house to wait for the storage company. Myfanwy ran around, looking for her master until she finally settled on the sofa next to Ianto. After the storage company had been and gone, Ianto went into the kitchen and noticed a parcel on the kitchen table. It had his name on it. He opened the parcel and found inside Jack’s greatcoat. He held it to his nose and breathed in that aroma he knew so well. He cried into it and it was some time before he stopped.




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