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Torchwood Fic - The Elephant Man in the Room

Title: The Elephant Man in the Room
Author: Blackbird Song
Prompt: The Elephant Man
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: R (Graphic descriptions of lethal violence)
Warnings: Strong violence; Mentions of physical abuse; Language
Spoilers: TW S2x09, From Out of the Rain; certain general aspects of The Elephant Man
Word Count: 2,927 (though Word lies, so that's wrong)
Disclaimers: I am participating in my culture by commenting on and inviting discussion about a television series in the form of a story written about two of those characters in my own words. The title of the film for this prompt was taken from an epithet applied to a real person, Joseph Merrick, upon whose true story I base many of these fictitious words. No harm to his reputation is intended or should be inferred.
Summary: It's a restless night for Jack, and therefore for Ianto.
Beta: My husband.
Author's Notes: Written for the reel_torchwood Challenge, Round 2. One technical aspect of this story will make more sense if you have seenFrom Out of the Rain.

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Tags: challenges, fanfic

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