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22 May 2010 @ 05:26 pm
Torchwood High - Chapter 15 - Back to reality  

Title: Torchwood High

Chapter: 15 – Back to reality

Author: Iolo1234

Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who

Size: 118,000 + and growing

Pairings: Jack/Ianto mainly but many others

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, (Torchwood). Others from Doctor Who.

Rating: PG - 14

Spoilers: The story weaves through Torchwood from the beginning so there will be spoilers for all series. There are also some references to Doctor Who series. But as this is AU things won’t exactly be the same or turn out the same way.

Warnings: some sexual content including m/m, f/f and m/f

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters as they belong to Russell T Davies and the BBC but I do get to play with them.

Notes: Jack returns to work. As this section is based on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang guess who the Ofsted inspector will be!



Chapter 15 – Back to Life, Back to reality


A few weeks had passed and the next day Jack was starting back at work.

‘Jack stop wriggling; how on earth am I supposed to relax you if you keep moving.’

‘Sorry Ianto, I guess I’m a bit nervous about tomorrow.’

‘That’s why I said I’d give you a massage; now lie back a bit and pass me the lavender oil.’

Jack was sitting between Ianto’s legs, on their bed. He leaned back against Ianto’s bare chest and turned his head to look at his young lover, who was smiling at him. Ianto leant down and kissed his neck as Jack passed him the oil.

‘You’ll have to lean forward a bit Jack or I won’t be able to rub this into your back and shoulders.’

He moved and Ianto began to pour oil onto his hands and rub them together to warm it up. The smell of the oil was meant to calm them both. Jack was back at work for the first time since before Christmas and for him he was strangely nervous. Ianto rubbed the oil along Jack’s back using both hands to massage his shoulders and neck. He made sure that he didn’t cover all of the back of Jack’s neck because that would mean that he’d get a mouthful, as he occasionally leaned in to kiss him. He felt Jack relax as he continued to run his fingers up and down his spine. He carefully pulled back Jack’s shoulders and pressed harder as he kneaded the muscles. It felt so good and Jack groaned under his touch.

‘I’m assuming that’s pleasure not pain,’ Ianto enquired.

‘I’m sat here totally naked between the legs of my naked younger lover, what do you think?’

‘I think that this isn’t making all of you relax!’ Jack couldn’t see it but Ianto had raised both eyebrows.

‘Judging by what I can feel at my back I’m not the only one. Mr Jones.’

Ianto’s hands began to stray down Jack’s chest, as he pulled him closer. He ran circles around Jack’s nipple with one hand as the other strayed further down and he leaned his lips towards Jack’s jaw line and ran his tongue along it. He could feel the reaction immediately and reached down to take hold of Jack. The moaning increased as Ianto worked his magic. Jack wriggled back against Ianto; he loved the feeling of his bare back against Ianto’s bare chest, not to mention what Ianto was doing with his hands.

‘Well, that’s certainly got me more relaxed,’ Jack concluded, as he moved to lie on his side, with his head on Ianto’s thigh. He still had to take care with his leg but the plaster was due to be removed in the next few weeks.

‘Looks like you could do with a little relaxation yourself gorgeous.’

‘I think you could be right Jack,’ Ianto replied, gasping as Jack’s mouth locked onto its target. Ianto laid his head back and enjoyed every second of the next few minutes. God that man had a talent and thankfully he was willing to use it.

Eventually they settled down next to each other. Ianto lay with his arms around Jack and his head tucked on Jack’s shoulder. He could hear that he was asleep and so Ianto closed his eyes and joined him.

The next day everything seemed to be a rush. It was Monday morning and Jack wanted to be in work early. He was still using the crutches but hopefully the plaster should be off the other side of Easter. There was only a week left of this term, just to get Jack back in to the swing of things. He was going to work with Aidan for this week, to get up to date with all that had happened during his absence. He knew most things because Ianto had kept him informed and the others had visited over the last few weeks. Jack had spent some time catching up with the assignments required for his headship training. He’d missed a lot recently and wanted to get back up to speed.

‘Ianto have you seen my red braces?’ he asked, ‘and my blue waistcoat that goes with these trousers?’

‘Yes Jack, they’re on the bed in the back room,’ Ianto yelled upstairs. He was in the kitchen making coffee and checking his bag. He’d just remembered to pick a batch of essays up from his desk in their office.

‘Do you want cereal or toast Jack?’ he asked, as Jack came into the kitchen, adjusting his tie.

‘Seems like ages since I had to get fully dressed up. I’ll have cornflakes please.’ He snuggled into Ianto’s back and put his chin on his shoulder. ‘God you smell good Ianto. Is that the Calvin Klein I gave you?’

‘Yes Jack, come on sit down we’re running late and that’s your fault.’

‘Sorry,’ Jack replied smirking. ‘I hope I haven’t worn you out already.’

‘Well, we can’t do that every morning but I’ll forgive you just this once.’ He put the bowls and mugs down on the table. They ate breakfast quickly. Ianto held up Jack’s great coat as he put his arms in and then carried both of their bags to the car.

‘Are you okay about driving me in Ianto? It does sort of announce us a bit.’ Jack looked concerned as Ianto merely shrugged.

‘We have to face it sometime Jack and most of the staff have added two and two and got four. I think some of the kids have guessed too but I haven’t had any comments. We’ll be there before they arrive and leave after they’ve gone. Anyway, they’ll just think that I’m giving you a lift because you can’t drive yet.’

They pulled into the staff car park at seven forty. John’s car was already there. They made their way to his room. Donna was in the front office and hugged Jack fiercely.

‘It’s so good to see you Jack. You look gorgeous as always. Go in he’ll be pleased to see you.’

‘Jack I’ll take our bags up to the room and get some coffee going. I’ll see you up there, okay?’

‘Yes I’ll just see John and join you.’ He went into John’s office. John smiled broadly. He got up and pulled Jack into yet another hug.

‘It’s so good to see you back here again Jack. It’s been like having my left hand cut off without you here. Sit down. How’s the leg?’

‘The plaster comes off soon John and then I’ll need the crutches for a bit but the physio will help. How are you and Rose getting along? Ianto tells me that you’re going to Italy at Easter.’

‘Yes we are. Mickey is having the kids. It’s going well Jack.’

‘Have you?’

John blushed profusely. ‘Stop it. You are such a gossip.’ At that moment Rose knocked the door. ‘I thought I heard you Captain.’ She kissed him and said, ‘just wanted to catch up. I’ll see you later. I’ve got to ring that social worker about Darren Rees.’

‘What’s up with young Daz?’ Jack asked.

‘Mum’s had to go into hospital again and Gran is having to cope with him and she’s finding it difficult. Social Services are involved because he came home Thursday night and trashed his room. Gran said she couldn’t cope do he was found emergency temporary care. Daz has been acting up a bit lately. We’re trying to make sure that he doesn’t push us too far. Aidan’s tried but I don’t think he finds him easy to talk too. Could you see him later? You always got on with him. Obviously his Mum’s illness is upsetting him but there’s more to it than that. Something must have caused him to wreck his room and he got into a fight with Aaron Jennings on Friday; they were always good friends in the past.’

‘I’ve got some time later. I’ll see him then. Is it sixth form assembly this morning because I’ll go into that to show my face?’

‘Yes Martha is doing it this morning. Did you know that she’s called off the wedding? Oh I expect Ianto told you.  She’s not said much about why.’

‘I’d better get up to my office as I’m sure Ianto will have the coffee on by now.’ Jack made a mental note to speak to Martha later on when he could.

‘Jack I know I don’t need to tell you this but take care around each other will you, for his sake. I don’t think he’s as thick skinned as you are. There have been a few comments from the PE lot, not Owen surprisingly, but the others have done a few of the backs against the wall type comments. They mean it in fun but you know.’

‘He hasn’t said anything but then this is Ianto we’re talking about and he wouldn’t.’

He found Ianto in his classroom sorting out some resources for the day. There were two coffees on the desk and Jack sat on a table and drank his slowly, savouring the aroma. Aidan walked past and noticed Jack was there. He came in and shook hands with him.

‘It’s really good to see you, Jack. When do you want to meet? Has John mentioned Daz Rees to you?’

‘Yes I’ll see him lesson two. You’re free lesson four aren’t you? We could meet then and go through the records.’

‘Sounds good to me Jack. Is there another coffee in the machine Ianto?’

Ianto nodded. ‘Great I need caffeine urgently.’

As he spoke an e-mail appeared from John. It read.

Ianto is Jack with you. Send him down. I’ve just had a call – the call. It’s Wednesday – arrrghhhh!!!’ Ianto showed Jack the message.

‘Bugger, Estyn, that’s all we need.’ Jack picked up his crutches and hurried back to see John.




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