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Through The Wrong Side of The Looking Glass - 10/23

Title:  Looking for Ianto in All The Wrong Places - Through The Wrong Side of The Looking Glass - #10
Word Count:  3,055
Characters: Jack, Ianto
Warnings:  NC-17
Summary:  Using the artifact that Tarot Girl led Jack to find, he jumps to another alternate reality in his search to find Ianto.  As he proceeds onwards, will he find the man that he loves, or just a carbon copy of Ianto who is too radically different from his own Ianto so as not to be compatible?  

Chapter 10: Jack has forgotten all about his team back at the Hub and his burgeoning relationship with Andy.  All thoughts are pushed to the side as he follows the man he has been searching through multiple realities to find.  He's finally found Ianto and is letting the man lead to a place where they can be together for the night.  Is Jack making a mistake here with the Ianto in this universe, or is it fate that brings them together time after time and he just doesn't stand a chance?

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no infringement with the original copyright holders is intended.


Chapter 10 )

If you missed the beginning of this story, it can be found here.

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