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Fic: That’s What Time Travel’s For, Right?

Title: That’s What Time Travel’s For, Right?
Fandom: Merlin/Torchwood crossover
Rating: nc-17
Words: ~7, 600
Pairing: Jack/Ianto/Merlin/Arthur and all combinations thereof.
Genre: Bit o’ angst, Lots o’ slash
Disclaimer: Torchwood and Merlin belong to the BBC.
Beta: planejane  – With her mad beta skills!!! Massive thanks!
Summary: What can I say? Jack and Ianto pop back in time to enjoy a little sex holiday with Prince Arthur. Merlin joins in. There really should be more foursomes in these fandoms, don’t you think?

A/N: This was written from a prompt I was given by my dear friend geekslave  whose Birthday is today. Happy Birthday!
Tags: fanfic

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