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Blackbird Song

Fic - Expedience

Title: Expedience
Author: Blackbird Song
Pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto
Rating: NC-17 (for very graphic violence)
Prompt: 3600. Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack refuses to be ashamed of who he is whatever era he's living through - but getting killed in homophobic attacks does start to get a little tiresome. If he decided to be a bit more careful in his journey through the 20th century, would it really be capitulation, or is it just avoiding hassle
Summary: Ianto finds out some things that change how he thinks about Jack.
Warnings: Explicit, graphic violence. Strong language. Some sexual situations.
Spoilers: Very tiny for CoE: Day 1
Author's Notes: Written for the lgbt_fest challenge. Featherstonehaugh, for those who haven't lived in the UK, is generally pronounced 'Fanshaw' in the south of England, and that's how I intend it to 'sound' in this story. My thanks to my husband for the beta. All mistakes are my own. To the beloved friend who created this prompt (and whom I won't name until I'm sure they don't mind being linked to this effort), I hope that I did it some modicum of the justice it deserved.

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Tags: challenges, fanfic

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