likemycoffee (likemycoffee) wrote in jackxianto,

What Owen Harper Knows (Part 1/2)

Rating: PG

Word Count: 600

Characters/Pairings: Owen; Tosh; Jack/Ianto; Gwen

Spoilers: Brief for Day One but really, you shouldn't be reading Torchwood fanfic if that bothers you.

Warnings: Very minor Gwen bashing if you squint. 

Summary: Set somewhere in series 1 between 'They Keep Killing Susie' and 'Captain Jack Harkness'

A/N: A random plot bunny. Set in canon this time :-) I promise more 'Death of Lisa Hallett' and 'Hand of Destiny' this week. Promise, promise, promise. (prays that fate doesn't conspire against me).

This way to the fic
Tags: fanfic

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