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Fic: Jack is Not a Rentboy

Title: Jack is Not a Rentboy (Sequel to Rentboy!Jack, and yeah I know, Title Fail again. Blah)
Author: alt_universe_me
Rating: NC 17
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto
Length: ~1,200 words
Warnings: In the previous story, there was mild to moderate d/s and some dubcon/consent issues that came out of left field. This is mostly comfort and shower sex.
Kink: Wet and Messy (sexytimes in the shower)
Spoilers: nope
Disclaimer: Just like the universe, I don't need to own the Whoniverse. Just see it. Have the privilege of seeing the whole of time and space. That's ownership enough.
Summary: Jack’s emotions went all wonky when he tried to roleplay as a rentboy. Now Jack and Ianto need to make up. And have make up sex. In the shower.
A/N: The first story can be found here.

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