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Fic: Sonne

Title: Sonne
Author: Rhi
Characters: Lisa Hallett, Ianto Jones, Methos, Sarah Jane, Jack Harkness, Owen Harper, Tosh Sato, Suzie Costello, the Brig
Pairings: Suzie/Owen, eventual Jack/Ianto
Rating: M for scenes of torture disguised as 'medical' research in part 1. scenes of implied sex in later chapters.
Spoilers: Through season 2 of Doctor Who. AU pre-series 1 for Torchwood
Summary: During the Battle for Canary Wharf, UNIT soldiers discover Ianto's Immortality. Secreting him away to a research lab, his student sets out to rescue him. Enter Torchwood-Three. And, as Ianto recovers from his ordeal, he needs to decide whether to remain with Torchwood or disappear.
Author’s Note: Written for [profile] space_monkey52, who won me for [community profile] help_haiti L. wanted an expansion of Part 2 of Four Times Torchwood Discovers Ianto’s an Immortal, and One Time They Don’t with some Jack/Ianto action. You do not have to have read Four Times in order to read and enjoy this.

read it on lj here
Read it on DW here
Read it on AO3 here

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